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  1. Jon-D

    2013 CRF450R likes dislikes?

    weight and air forks were my reasons for getting a 12 instead.
  2. Jon-D

    Shock recommendations 16 yz250f

    its unusual that a linked rear shock needs servicing at 40 hrs you must ride hard on some jumpy or choppy tracks. my PDS would start to fade at about 30-35 hours but my link bikes would go twice or three times longer. in any case, to answer your question sag will not make a difference (if properly set) its the action of the shock that is allowing it to hit the rear fender. I take it that it never did this before? without knowing the condition of the shock it probably could use a rebuild and possibly a revalve. turning in the clickers helps, but its a temporary fix as the oil is fading and will need to be replaced. I would recommend Pete at NOST, he does a fantastic job at setting up suspension.
  3. I have a 12 that came with the Hinson on it and installed the Rekluse. the Hinson clutch has the same dimensions as the 05-08 years so I ordered a recluse for those years. it works great, but after some time the steel plates next to the Rekluse will start to wear and become smooth and then the clutch slips under load. At the time i was riding or racing every weekend (MX - lots of stops and go's) and it took about 18-24 months before I experienced the slipping. when this happened I took a couple of plates from a spares box and replaced the worn plates. I mainly use Rotella in the gearbox (changed out about every 7 hours) but switched to ATF shortly after changing out the plates and before my accident. have not ridden in the past year so I could not tell you what the long term affects are for using ATF.
  4. Jon-D

    YZ250fx Big Bore

    if you run a stage two cam in a BB kit it the bottom end will not be that much stronger than stock. run the stock cams with the BB kit and it moves the power down but you loose some rev on top. when I ran my 06 290 BB kit on the track I ran a cam but I was on the pipe all the time and could pretty much run with the 450's. off road, I did not like it as much due to the loss of the "lugability", but I am sure some of that is jetting. I just never spent that much time in the low RPMs to make it worth my time to sort it out. most BB kits run a two ring piston with an oil scraper. helps reduce piston rock and seals better. no additional oil consumption with my kit either.
  5. Jon-D

    '13/'14 for Off Road Riding?

    have you considered looking at a 12? that was the last year of the spring fork and the motor is basically the same as the newer ones. the money you save could be used to modify the bike to your riding style.
  6. Jon-D

    Hope I didnt ruin my crank!

    if the oil passage is opened up then more oil will flow to the big end, but that would drop overall oil pressure which could lead to insufficient oil going to the cams and ultimately cam failure. anyway, the doubt is removed since you are replacing the crank with a new one.
  7. most riders are now converting the forks over to springs because of the issues you described. even some of the factory's are running spring forks. personally, rather then struggling with the current suspension wasting time and money I would have a good tuner properly set them up for you.
  8. Jon-D

    What to put in hydration pack?

    I always ran water. I use to run Gatorade or something similar but it really did not help. the last time I rode with Gatorade my bike overheated and lost fluid so I had to ask my buddy (who was only using water) for some to pour into my rads so we could make it back. ...felt guilty about that. so besides having a health benefit running water also has a repair or maintenance advantage.
  9. its been awhile and I have made some progress so I thought I would update. I no longer use a compression stocking, one day I felt it was not really helping so I ditched it and sure enough, no big deal. my leg still tingles every now and again from the blood pooling but I pump my ankle or raise my leg and it helps. its not nearly as bad as it once was. I recall at one point I could only stand up for maybe a minute before the pain became unbearable so this is awesome. I have also cut back on the Gabapentin, I will take 100-200 mg during lunch, and usually 200 mg before bed and skip the morning dose. its before bed when things get quiet that I will occasionally feel the pain in my foot. I think I can get off them completely in the next few months but we will see. the wife still massages the foot before bed on most nights, which really helps but I have noticed its not as pleasurable as it was before so I think its getting better. here is some really good news, I can move my big tow up. its real weak, but non the less it moves. this started about a month ago and is similar to how my ankle started so I have hopes. my ankle is also fairly strong now. the PT checked the activation of my muscles and said the nerves have made it to most of the muscle group. before when I first started moving my ankle he could only feel the upper part of the muscle activate. really happy about this! walking is getting near normal! I have a slight limp that I can mask pretty good unless I am tired or just getting up after sitting for awhile. No more George Jefferson walk for me! also, the "cracking" in my knee only happens maybe twice a week now where before it was multiple times a day. its similar to cracking you knuckles except its a very instant and brief pain. I am also no longer going to PT, they tell me I don't really need it and I am doing what I should for recovery. on the last meeting he gave me some more suggestions for improving ankle strength and told me if I would like to come back as a check in a few months just give him a call. ROM is at 120-125, which is where it has always been so I don't expect any improvement in that area. its tough to deal with when doing simple things like changing the oil on the car or other mechanical activities requiring work below the waist. I have to think about my approach to getting on the ground and usually grab something to help me up since I can only get my good leg under me to push up. my ankle ROM is back to normal. I have been using a JAS splint for several months now and when I use it now I pretty much max it out within the first 10 minutes. I will be returning that back soon. overall I don't think about it as much as I used to although I can still feel pain when I walk. I have to be mindful when stepping off of curbs or anything that has even a minor impact to the knee. at this point it seems to be more of a life style change than something as bad as it once was. my goals are to recover to the point that I can go and occasionally moto for health reasons or at least be able to live some sort of active life style.
  10. I have been there myself so I feel your pain. go back and check the basics first moving on from there (fuel, spark, compression). from what you are saying it sounds like spark is good. check the compression. if that is good then squirt some fuel in the intake and see if it fires up. if it does you know its fuel. checking vales as posted above is important and when not set right can prevent the bike from starting. a new cam requires re-shimming.
  11. Jon-D

    will 1998 cr250 wheel fit on 2012 crf450

    suspention on the 12 is a must to make it stable, or somewhat stable. and yes, it can be made to work pretty good.
  12. Jon-D

    My 2016 Loretta's chasing bike!

    approaching that level of completion I would recommend at some point upgrading your bike to a newer model. the 07 is a great platform, but turns like a tank. and in MX quickly navigating a turn will put you on the top box more than anything else. the 09+ CRF bikes turn much better and are lighter, but they have some things to be sorted out as well. Best of luck in your race!
  13. Jon-D

    Head Gasket issue

    that will work on the intake (for example), where there is suction to pull the chemical in. usually those types of tests are performed with WD40 rather than carb cleaner. the cylinder will be pressurized so if anything it will be pushing gases/coolant out. ultimately you could ride it as is and monitor the engine but keep in mind the risks you are taking so you can make an informed decision. the gasket could hold but it may not. certainly more risk than with a new gasket.
  14. Jon-D

    Wearing glasses under goggles?

    PD is the measurement they take when fitting the glasses. its when the tech uses a ruler and has you look ahead and takes a measurement. I think its where you look through with your eyes and the center of the curvature of the lens. you will feel a bit quezzy or drunk if its off a bit. its also normal to feel that way with a new prescription until you get use to it.
  15. Jon-D

    Head Gasket issue

    I have skimped on base gaskets in the past and use anaerobic sealant in conjunction with the used gasket, but like others stated the head gasket needs to be replaced every time. BTW, its a bit odd that you have oil in the coolant. It could be left over oil from the passages during the work you performed. the greater likelihood of a bad gasket would be coolant in the oil/combustion chamber since the coolant side will be pressurized.