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  1. Uncle_GB

    four stroke fight.

    You've already made up your mind, so why ask?
  2. Uncle_GB

    Opinions Please 250sx ????

    I just saw an '05 KTM 250SX on ebay yesterday for 4 something. I just remember it had only hours on it, tits still on the tires, used for suspension testing someplace down in FL. It was literally brand new.
  3. Uncle_GB

    four stroke fight.

    First year bikes almost ALWAYS have bugs to work out. Add to the fact that the KTM development time has been short to meet the production rule for AMA racing. If you were talking about a 450, I'd say KTM for sure. But for a 250F, for the upcoming year, I'd go blue. I've ridden both blue, red, and yellow. Nothing comes close to the blue's motor. It's reliability is far superior to anything out there right now (KTM isn't really here yet, and no one knows for sure). The wait list will be huge for the KTM also. I say go blue now, and next year or two trade and try out the Orange Monster.
  4. Uncle_GB

    Has anyone ridden little egypt?

    Is Little Egypt run by the same folks as Williams Pass? Went to WP last fall. Fun, but lost interest in a hurry. Might try LE next time. I'm afraid now might be too wet, though. Thinkin' of hittin' Flat River next weekend.
  5. Uncle_GB

    crf 450 or yz 450?

    Get a KTM 525 EXC. Already made for the woods, and faster dan sh......!
  6. Uncle_GB

    Ktm Dealers

    Also, check out Evansville Superbike Shop in Evansville IN. They have a ton of KTM stuff (bikes, accessories, appearal, etc.) and knowledge. Plus, an '05 450SX on the showroom floor!!
  7. Uncle_GB

    how is the ktm 450sx. this year..

    I think alot of comments/assumptions with suspension are based on what people hear and read, not from experience. People are told "this and that", so they automatically come to the same conclusion. Suspension setup is very important on ANY bike. The KTM's may require more careful setup than others. That does not mean they are badly suspended. If you are having your suspension done anyway, have it set up specifically for you. THAT, is the key. Once done, keep a record documented somewhere of those settings. Then play with that a little at a time to see if there is something you like even better. If you're not making improvements, go back to the settings you documented. If you get a KTM, you will not be disappointed. If you get something else, you probably won't be disappointed either, but you will always wonder, what might have been, had I not followed the masses.........
  8. Uncle_GB

    ktm sx400??????????

    I don't know about a TM250, but I have an '02 400SX and I love it. It's light, starts like a breeze, and very easy to ride. I entered a hare scramble a year ago, hadn't ridden in one in years. It was real muddy, but I got 2nd in the "B" class. Couldn't have done it on my 250 2stroke. Oh yea, maint. is a breeze. Change the oil and filters, check the valves once in a while, take care of it, you'll be fine.
  9. Found a lefover '04 YZF 250 for sale. What are the major differences between the '04 and '05? Anything significant? What would you think a fair price would be for the bike, in the midwest?
  10. Uncle_GB

    New bike questions?

    Art, My bro-in-law is going to call your son (probably today). He said there's a new, leftover, '04 YZF250 there that he's gonna call about. Have Stephen swing them a sweet deal!
  11. Uncle_GB

    Please answer my stupid question

    You ever ridden a KTM?? :cry:
  12. Deathwish - My buddy and I have '02's, a 400 and 520. A couple more buddies have '03's, 450 and 525. The likeness and difference between my 400 and JC's 520 are the same as between the 450 and 525, only the differences are smaller. Confused yet? The new 525 is crazy light feeling, and handles better than my 400 (which handled better than the 520 due to the gyro thing). The new 525 is easier to ride than the old 400, which was very easy. Both the '03's are way different than the '02's. I don't know which would be better for desert, but I would think the 525 (SX) w/a 6 speed would be a nobrainer, given my desert experience here in IL :cry: My point to you is, if you love your 520, DON'T ride a new 525!!!!
  13. How I change mine: Get seals and oil from bike shop. Tell the wife I will be unavailable Thursday night. Get a 12 pak, can of chew, and a new Racer X. Call my buddy and tell him I'm on my way over so he can do my forks. :cry:
  14. Uncle_GB

    Knee Injury

    I've had three knee surgeries. (The second one was orthoscopic to clean up scar tissue from the first, which was pretty nasty) The first one I tore the ACL, MCL, and medial miniscus in April. Had the ortho done in August, and was riding again in Oct. The last one was just a torn ACL and nothing more. They took a ligament from my hamstring to replace the ACL. Again, it was in April (must be a bad month for me!) and I was riding again in July. It takes the body four months to repair an ACL. It is impossible to come back quicker than 4 months safely. At 4 months, the ACL is at 90% strength, and you should be able to do whatever you want at that point. The biggest variable is rehab!!! Follow your PT's instructions and meet his/her goals!! It's painful, and it sucks, but it must be done. If you don't feel you're ready to ride in 4 months, then don't. It will be because of your progress in rehab, atriphy, and range in motion, but it won't be because of the ACL (if it's done correctly). When you do start riding, take it easy!! Don't worry about what you used to be able to do/how fast you used to be, etc. I felt horrible when it happened, and worse the next time. Like most things, it's temporary. People come back from knee surgeries all the time, and you don't have to be RC (but it helps). Meaning, take the determination, time, and effort to rehabilitate your knee and leg muscles. Work hard, grit your teeth, and by next spring you will be back on the line again!!
  15. Uncle_GB

    new bike shootouts...

    Bingo! WHERE you prefer that power in the powerband and how it is delivered is the key, as far as hp goes. (along w/all the above) I also strongly agree about using your friends as testers. Even if they don't ride the same as you, you usually know what they prefer, how they ride, and can "judge" their opinions best.