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  1. Remind me again - when can we ride Nemadji or Akeley this fall/winter? Going off of this: https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/rlp/regulations/hunting/deer_map.pdf rifle season is over but bow is still open? If it's already studded tire time at the best places... how far south do i have to drive to ride non-frozen dirt in the next two weekends?
  2. For 91 non-oxy I just hit Fleet Farm. Nearly everyone i've been to has several dedicated pumps with it. Denoted by a red handle. For higher test stuff, Beach's has been great.
  3. I think i might have been wrong. I wasn't leaning my mix out, i was richening it with the NOZF needle at 4th clip. I think i wrapped my head around the chart finally by adding some vertical lines that are loose 'clip positions' and re-reading the "Explanation of table" about 20 times. My experience after going to NOZF 4th clip and a 42pj was what i thought a lean surge turns out it was rich issues. Idle was better with the 42 over the 45 but it still struggled to return to steady idle when throttle was closed for about 3 seconds (Which yea, might be a leanish spot?). the mid range was lurchy/not smooth. And you knew with the main jet took over. No popping or decel issues heard. From the manual "If, despite good idling-speed and part-throttle setting, the engine sputters and smokes when the throttle is fully opened and develops its full power not smoothly but suddenly at high engine speeds, the mixture to the carburetor will be too rich, the fuel level too high or the float needle is leaking." So i went back to the NOZH needle, but moved to Clip 1 to lean it out as much as i could. Set idle/air and ripped up the back yard for a bit. It returns to idle nicely, power delivery is smooth. It lugs around great. I raced a hare scramble on Sunday and the bike performed great. There was a fair bit of mud on the silencer, but little spooge. I have yet to plug chop though. I'm interested to see what other needles will do because i'm curious like that, but for now, the bike is running well. For me, the KTM Jetting App settings were not good. And I fit all the input he gave the app. Thanks for posting that btw.
  4. My goal was originally to match the screen grab provided in this thread (Thanks!) and tune from there. Overall the bottom ~1/2 throttle was rich, so (correct me if i'm wrong.) going from a NOZH 2nd clip to NOZF 4th clip leaned my mix up. I've had trouble finding out how much though, but that same throttle range is much more responsive and 'light'. Going from 42->45 as indicated in the pic richened my idle-1/8 throttle area. With the air screw all the way out, doesn't that mean i'm rich in the PJ and should return to a 42 and aim for AS ~1 turn out?
  5. My 2009 200 XC was running good, but a little rich in the lower ~1/2 throttle. Was about perfect in the Main. It was ~85*F, high humidity, running 40:1 at around 500ft elevation. Was: 162 Main, 42 Pilot, 1ish turns out, NOZH on 2nd clip. Changed to: 162 Main, 45 Pilot, NOZF on 4th clip. Only way i could get it to idle is with air screw 2+ turns out, basically maxed. And idle screw all the way in. And if i remember right, hung a bit after cutting throttle before returning to idle rpms. Ran nice and crisp above 1/8-1/4 throttle though. Really woke the bike up. Have yet to do a true plug chop. Can someone help me confirm that i should go back to a 42 Pilot? And/or any needle clip changes? Still a bit green around the fine tuning aspect and trying to find reference/understand how much change was made from NOZH 2nd -> NOZF 4th. Thanks!
  6. DblCabMN

    Let's go riding!!!

    Looks like a nice sandy track just north of UW-Stout. Will have to check it out some time. IA failed to materialize last weekend. Still on the list of places to go, just needed to try again once it warms up.
  7. Thanks - (luckily?) we had some scheduling issues with our group and decided to cancel. Kind of bummed out, but at least I got to sleep in.
  8. Dangit. Thanks for the heads up, looks like we're going to give Gypsum a shot down in IA. Though use is 'Limited' ... hmmmm... http://www.iowadnr.gov/idnr/Things-to-Do/Off-Highway-Vehicles/OHV-Parks-and-Rules/OHV-Park-Closures
  9. Can anyone offer an update on conditions in the Akeley/Martineau/Huntersville area or south of the Cities at Snake Creek? Trying to get a ride in tomorrow and don't want to make a trip to find locked gates or questionable conditions if I can help it as the DNR sites seem a bit outdated. Or drive all the way to IA for Gypsum... If there's a better option i'm missing, i'm all ears. Thanks!
  10. DblCabMN

    Let's go riding!!!

    Where is this Wheeler place you speak of? I'm trying to find somewhere to ride tomorrow that doesn't require studs, and isn't as far south as Fort Dodge, IA.
  11. Anyone ride Nemadji since the mid-season thaw started? I have a birthday coming up and if the weather holds, i may be able to convince the Mrs. to gift me a day-pass over the Feb. 4th weekend.
  12. Nice. I suppose the 4r's didn't have quite the problem Tacoma's did with frame rot. I've sent your CL link to a few friends that may be interested. Good luck with the sale!
  13. Hows the frame rust on a scale of light flake to speed holes?
  14. So looks like the headcount is down to... maybe myself? Most of my buddies backed out too. Honestly, i'm pretty iffy too. Perhaps another day will be better. Plus, gives me time to stud up an old set of tires.
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