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  1. Greg_C

    Best hand guards for WR250F

    If your going to cut your bars down I wouldn't go with the triple clamp mounts. I know guys have goten them to work but you'll have to drill new holes and my break line was getting in the way. I ended up returning them for the bar mounts but I ride a YZ250F.
  2. Greg_C

    Anyone on a 2010 ?

    I've owned WR400/450F's for the last 10 years the 2010 YZ250F is my first 250 and first MX bike. I am happy with the power, I love the light feel and the way it looks. I race hare scrambels so in the woods the suspention is killing me, I'm going to have it revalved for the type of rideing I do but so far I'm happy with the bike. I do miss all my luxuries that my WR's had, E-Start, Kick stand, I had an auto-clutch. I'm confident that when I get it dialed in I'm going to be much faster on the 250 over the big heavy WR450.
  3. Greg_C

    '09 vs '10 YZ250f

    X2 only I knew I would stick with Yamaha but glad I went with the 2010! I've owned a 2000 WR400f, an 04 & 06 WR450f but this year I wanted to go light and nimble so I gave up on both the WR and the 450 and got the YZ250f. I also have not had a chance to break it in with the snow but am looking forward to a much lighter bike in the tight Virgina woods as soon as soon as it dry's out a little! Here's some pix from when brought it home.
  4. I've got a 2006 WR450f converted over to a street leagal Super Moto. The rims are black 17 inch excell wheels with gold hubs. The bike was raced in Hair Scrambles for about a seson so its not super cleen looking. I'm sure with some plastics and some Yamaha frame paint I could get it looking nice but I'm not that motivated right now. I know some pix would be helpfull but I need to take some of it. Any way what is a good starting point? Do street leagal SM's go for more than just the stock WR?
  5. Greg_C

    How ragged out could it be?

    I guess I need to look into how much the new 2010s are going for. Thanks for the input
  6. I've been thinking about possibly picking up a 2010 YZ250F that's for sale. I figure it so new that it should be in pretty good shape a friend of mine that I trust thinks that it might already warn out do to the fact that the owner races MX with it in Vet A and is winning his class plus the suspension is setup to pull a 220 pound man around the track. What do you think? Here is his add. 2010 Yamaha YZ250F MaxPower RPM 276 Ice Cube big bore kit Stage 2 Hot Cams Intake and Exhaust Dr D carbon complete exhaust Renthal chain and sprockets Renthal Fat bars all stock parts included except exhaust stock cylinder/piston/ring/cams bike has 38 hours total 25 hours as big bore VET owned excellent condition well maintained oil and filter changed after each ride please text, email or call more more information pictures available on request via text $5200.00 OBO
  7. Greg_C

    anybody buy a wr426f lately??

    If I'm not mistaken the year they went to the 426 in 2000 the WR got the 400 motor then they went straight to the 450. I wouldn't give over a grand for a heavy ass WR400. I'm jus sayin
  8. Cleaned the jets and she purrs like a kitten. Must be my own guilt about not checking the valves making me think that was the problem. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be loading up the trailer tonight heading to the smoky mountains tomorrow after work.
  9. Installed a new plug, still the same issue. It will run at high RPM's but when I back off the throttle closer to idle it will start to back fire and when I let off the the throttle it just dies. It acts the same with or without the air filter installed, I have it out right now.
  10. So I started my bike today to warm it up and change the oil and it wont run without the choke on. When I turn the choke off it dies right away. If I give it a little throttle then turn off the choke it backfires like crazy spitting blue flames out the pipe. This is an 04 WR450 with free mods done, a YZ silencer and JD jet kit. What I believe is going on is that the valves have gotten so tight that it is causing this condition as I have never adjusted the valves and don't have the feeler gauges to check them. Would tight valves cause this condition? Just wanted to get this out there I'm off to check the color of the plug. Any help would be appreciated as I am supposed to be loading my bike in the trailer right now to be going on a 4 day trip to the mountains on Tuesday after work. Oh and I know I'm going to get bashed for not checking my valves but I ran my 2000 WR400 for 4 years and never checked the valves on it ether and it ran fine until the day I sold it, not saying that its the right thing to do but any way let me know what you think. Thanks
  11. Greg_C

    Converting a WR250x SM to a woods bike?

    Thanks for the input. I've owned two WR's both bought new a 2000 400F and an 04 450. I'm thinking this go round I might just get a YZ250F, I'm tired of all the crap you have to do to a WR to make it run right, and all the extra weight, I sure will miss that button if I do it though. I still want to Super Moto my 450 when I get a new scoot, I guess I'll just get the wheels and enduro kit separately.
  12. Here is my question I own an 04 WR450f that I race Hare Scrambles with in tight nasty east coast woods. I have recently been thinking about going to a lighter bike. What I am thinking about is picking up a 250 SM and putting all the Super Motard stuff on my 450 and converting the 250 into my race bike. Can anyone tell me what difficulties I might run into trying to do this? How much different is the SM from a regular WR250F? I want to make the 450 street legal so the tail light and high beams ect. would have to work. Thank for your help Greg
  13. Greg_C

    XR400 equivalent?

    I owned a 2000 WR400f four years and never checked the valves, haven't done anything but change the oil on my 04 WR450f, I'm just sayin.
  14. Greg_C

    Goggle Question

    I guess I will be getting a new Helmet and Goggles at the same time. I've had my helmet for years and after multiple liner washings a lot of the padding has fallen out. Thanks for the input, I'll check out the spy's when I'm at the shop.