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  1. You can go with a 2014 250SX CDI ( hemi head ) , a 2010 - 2013 250SX CDI ( conventional head ) or the new 300SX CDI . Personally , I'd go with a 300SX CDI as I suspect the ignition curve would be better suited to 300cc engine . I find the 250SX CDI to be a bit too aggressive . I actually like the 300XC CDI over the 250SX one .
  2. My PC 2 pipe rattled like crap on my 300 . New O rings would only work for about 5 hours and then it would start to rattle again . Great pipe but very poor fit . I ended up replacing the pipe with an FMF and it fits like a glove . Zero rattle and I've driven almost 50 hours so far on the supplied O rings and no issues yet . Too bad with the PC2 pipe as I really liked it but it just sounded awful .
  3. I'll tell ya , I just got home from a 60km rip on the 300SX and it's the most impressive bike I've ever ridden . Engine performance is simply incredible . Power EVERYWHERE . When it comes on the pipe , it rips !!! More power than you can put to the ground . I wish my bike had a bit more modern chassis and suspension but the engine is awesome . If anyone says that they weren't impressed with a 300SX , then something was wrong with it .
  4. The cylinders are identical . The difference is the head . A real 300SX is built upon a 250 SX bottom end ( light flywheel , 5 speed close ratio , SX cdi ) and feels quite different than a 300 XC/XCW . The trick is to determine what type of power curve you want and select the appropriate parts ( carb , reeds , pipe , silencer , gearing ) to get it . When done right , the 300SX is very impressive .
  5. The 300SX that you rode was just not set up correctly for what you were after . The beauty of the KTM is it's adjustability and tuneability . It can be set up to produce almost whatever power curve you are after . It all comes down to the person setting it up . Pipes , silencers , carbs , jetting , gearing and PV all make a significant difference . The key is putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to get what you want . More cc's are not needed .
  6. With the 300SX , the magic is in the tune up . This motor will make power everywhere . Far more than a stock 300XC/XCW . However , it is possible to get too much of a good thing . Traction can very easily be the limiting factor . 300SX , Slaven's S3 head , 38mm Lectron , Gnarly pipe , Power Core 2 silencer , red PV spring 1 turn in will grunt along at walking speed all day long . But roll the throttle and you better hang on . It will rev just as fast as a nicely jetted 250SX but pull a lot harder right from the bottom all the way up . Very impressive . If you rode a 300SX and were not impressed , it simply was not set up properly .
  7. I have a 2010 250SX that has been converted to a 300SX and one of my riding buddies uses a 2014 Husky TC250 ( 250SX ) and we ride exclusively off road . Zero MX . Will the bikes work off road ? Yes . Are they as good as a 250XC/XCW off road ? IMO , no . The suspension valving is just too aggressive for the trail and the power hit is just too abrupt . On good condition ATV double track , it is just fine but when the trail gets nasty , the XC/XCW bikes are better . This is what they were made for . Now , you certainly can rejet and tune the PV a bit differently and it most definitely does help . The big issue is the suspension . It can be revalved as well . IMO , you are just much better off with an XC/XCW if off road is where you will be riding . When I ride with friends that have dedicated cross country bikes ( XC/XCW ) it is difficult to keep up and to do so , beats you up pretty quickly .
  8. No kidding . At no point does a 250SX have more power than a 300SX unless the 300SX cylinder was ported in some unusual and aggressive way to build top end power only . But , why would you want to do that ??
  9. 300SXS will run circles around a 250SX all day long .
  10. I have tested 2 different pipes and 3 different silencers on my 2010 300SX ( 250SX bottom end ) . Silencer results were consistent regardless of the pipe used . PC Plat 2 : A little softer on the extreme low end with a very strong mid range and top end . New Gnarly : very strong on the bottom end / mid range with very little loss of over rev or high rpm power . As my bike is used exclusively for cross country , the Gnarly was the best choice . The bike simply accelerates quicker and stronger . I have tested the stock 2014 250SX silencer , SXS ( Power core 2 ) and the Ti2 shorty . The SX silencer was very smooth and quiet . No complaints and a great baseline . The SXS ( PC2 ) is much lighter , a bit louder ( not much ) and pulled harder through the mid and top end . Nice and noticeable improvement . The Ti2 shorty was louder again , but the engine was more responsive at low and mid range . It did drop off a bit on top compared to the SXS , but what it added in the bottom and mid more than made up for a very small loss on top . My choice was the Ti2 shorty . My engines uses a 38mm Lectron , Rad Valve and a 250SX CDI .
  11. I had a 2007 KX250 and my experience with the bike was extremely positive . I installed the PC rear link , PC 2 pipe , R304 silencer , Boyesen RAD valve ,an 11L Clarke fuel cell , 14/51 gearing and it was really nice on the trail . Handled great , good power and super reliable . My bike was in perfect condition and I miss it . I enjoyed every ride on that bike and I have zero bad to say about it .
  12. The 300 cylinders are the same . It is just the head and CDI that are different . But , when you use the SX head , SX CDI on and SX bottom end ( lighter crank and flywheel ) , the end result is a bike that feels very different than a stock 300XC .
  13. In my experience , the 300SX does not feel much like a 300XC . It feels more like a 250SX with more power everywhere . Especially in the low / midrange . With the SX head and CDI , it will rev similar to a 250 although not quite as quickly . A 300XC feels tame by comparison . I went the 300SX route and couldn't be happier . With the proper jetting and gearing , it's a wonderful trail or cross country bike . It can be tuned to have whatever power profile you like . Smooth and controlled or fast and super aggressive . I have mine somewhere in the middle ( but more towards aggressive ) and it is pure pleasure to ride . It has a lot more torque than any 250 . I had a 2003 KX500 as well and I much prefer the 300SX .
  14. http://s1120.photobucket.com/user/Kawiekx250R/media/KTM%20300SX%20Titanium%202%20.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 2010 300 SX
  15. FMF Fatty or PC Platinum work equally well .
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