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  1. Recently I hit the bush with my 11' yz450f and wrecked pretty much all my plastics. I just installed my new plastics and graphics and gave her a good cleaning.
  2. Well the one way valve on your vent hose isnt working too well, just go get normal gas cap vent hose and problem solved
  3. I went for a ride last week with no problems and put the bike in my garage, now yesterday I did an oil/ filter change (didnt warm up the oil) and changed my gas tank vent hose to one of those short hoses with the metal vent cap. After I did the tank vent and oil change I went to start the bike and nothing, and this bike usually starts within a couple kicks. I noticed its making a loud sucking sound when I kick this bike over (or louder than usual) Im no mechanic so Im not sure where to start, the bikes got 11 hours total and is completely stock. Would appreciate some ideas, if not ill be bring it into the shop. Thanks
  4. Well I just find that my bike seems to be a little unpredictable and "bouncy" in the whoops and uneven terrain. Also when I have a hard landing it feels like the suspension is too soft and is almost bottoming out. I took a couple nasty spills this last week and it feels like my suspension may have had something to do with it. I looked online about adjusting the rebound and dampening, so essentially I just have to turn the "clickers" a couple clicks clockwise and it should stiffen up the suspension? And to adjust the sag, I would have to compress the rear spring? Which will then increase the stroke length making it less harsh feeling? Im new to motocross bikes and dont really have any other sources for info other than the internet and my owners manual. I think Ill try adjusting the suspension on my own and see what happens. Im not suspension expert by any means so I'll probably end up going to a suspension shop to see what they have to say.
  5. Well I bought my 2011 yz450 new a couple mnths ago and from the get go I found the suspension very soft but figured it was just normal. Well I tried my buddys stock kxf450 and it was so much firmer and more comfortable to ride on. Even when he tried my bike the first thing he mentioned was that the suspension was really soft. I want to know if I can adjust it on my own to make it firmer or if I should just suck it up and get my suspension done at a suspension shop. Im not racing or riding competitively, I just want a more comfortable ride so it doesnt have to be perfect. Im 6' and 220lbs btw
  6. Thats one sweet bike, I'd give anything to go for a ride through the english countryside.
  7. I kind of wish I would have bought this instead of my yz450f
  8. Im liking the video, its so well done you'd think it was professionally done.
  9. That bike looks amazing, what do you use for a camera? those photos are really good
  10. Hey guys, I got my '11 yz450f a couple months ago and Im going to need a way to get the bike to the trails as soon as the snow is gone. I currently am running a Mazda 3 so I guess Im going to need a trailer or a dirt bike carrier. I installed a heavy duty hitch last summer so I already got the hitch ready to go. I would really like to take the easy way out and get a truck but I really dont want that expense right now. Im looking at 4'x6' steel trailer and Im not sure if the bike will fit (I want to keep the it as small as possible so it takes up less room in my backyard) What size of trailers are you guys running? Another thing I seen was the dirt bike carriers but im not sure if they even will fit on cars. Any of you guys hear if these are good for smaller sedans? Even better do any of you have pictures of this? Id love to see some trailer setup on cars if you guys got em.
  11. I dont have a pressure washer but I figured out what im going to do. I ordered a new front fender (keep the old one as a spare when I sell it) and I also ordered a trim kit to cover up the sticker on the rear fender.
  12. Well I recent purchased a 11 yz450 and I cant stand the warning labels on the front and rear fenders and would like to remove them. I tried peeling them off but rather than coming off in one piece it just breaks up. So then I went to a hardware store and got a sticker removal spray and that did not work either. This may sound stupid but how do I get these damn things off without ruining my fenders?
  13. Nice video, good thing that tree was in the way when you wiped out haha
  14. Congratulations and welcome to TT. Been looking at what oil is best for my 450 and I think ill be going with either yamalube, amsoil, or mobil 1 10w 40. Synthetic is always better but is more expensive
  15. Sure doesnt sound good for Yamaha in my opinion. I think all manufacturers get their time in the spotlight, Kawasaki seems to be stealing the show right now but I think Yamaha will bounce back, or at least I hope. I think if smaller manufacturers like ktm, husaberg, and others can survive than so can Yamaha Motors.
  16. Awesome video, that step up in the video is sick. Im with ya on that one, I just got a brand new '11 last month and I cant wait for the snow to be gone
  17. I like at 1:08 where the guy tries passing and ends up wiping out haha
  18. Awesome looking bike, would look better with 2 black rims and a new pipe tho. Digging the orange frame, good job!
  19. I just got a new yz450 too, read alot of the 450 shoot outs and the yamaha was nearly always in last or second last but still wanted to go blue anyways because of reliability and it looks bad ass. The biggest complaint seem to be the bike felt unbalanced and the radiator shrouds seems too wide, which were not deal breakers in my books. I got a couple questions... What setup are you running for tires? just studs? Did you have to do any changing to the FI for the cold? How does the bike handle if you go in deeper snow? Im curious because I wouldnt mind trying it out with my bike.
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