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    Recommendations for DSing an EXC

    My understanding is Ca. will not let you dual sport a bike any longer. You have to buy a used bike already dual sported or buy a new one which is dual sported. Does not matter that the bike you are buying has a green sticker. Ca. did away with converting bikes ourself in Jan. of 2004 I believe. Some people have said that there is a way around DMV on this, but I do not know the specifics. Just Ca. taking another stab at getting rid of all recreational vehicles. By the way how do you like the 450? I'm debating between a 400exc or 450 exc. Good luck, Mike.

    250X rebuild

    Any ideal on how reliable that set up is and is the 270 kit that noticeable. I'm thinking of doing this when the time comes.

    250x suspension setting help

    I had the same problem. You can adjust the rear spring using the locking nut on top of the rear spring to compress the spring to set the sag. If you cannot adjust it enough you may have to go to a heavier rear spring.

    hare scramble

    I think I would stick with what you have until you have ridden the other bikes you are interested in. You do not want to keep buying bikes before you find one you like. The 250x is a very good bike and if interested in a two stroke I would look at KTM's 200exc and 250exc. No experience with the wr's, but I hear they are also good bikes. Lot of good choices.

    what is this pink wire deal????

    To quote a famous (infamous) Californian, "can't we all just get along?"

    Rear Spring removal

    The manual only says to remove the bumper stop and spring seat does not say how to. But your description was accurate and I appreciate the info. Did not want to start tapping (pounding) on something and break it. Thanks for the help.

    Rear Spring removal

    Ok guys, I'm trying to change the rear spring on my 04 crf250x. I have the shock assembly off the bike, but am not sure how to get the spring off of it. I was told that if I separate the inner and outer ring that wvery thing will just slid off the bottom. I'm not seeing it. Is this right and I should just keep working on it or is there a different way? Any help appreciated. Do not want to break anything by forcing it. Thanks, MIke

    Removing rear spring

    I have taken the rear shock/spring assembly off of my bike and plan on putting on a different spring. Only problem is I cannot figure out how to get the spring off. Manual says to remove the spring seat and stopper ring. Only problem is they do not say how to do it. I don't want to break anything. How about a Hand? Thanks, Mike

    X Stock Exhaust Question

    Even with the baffle out you would be fine. I have ridden mine numerous times without it and it is still quiter then bikes that are below 96db. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Can someone recommend to me a good source to get the basics on time keeping in an enduro. I do not have a clue, but would like to learn the basics. Thanks for any help. Mike

    Epilogue: My red sticker saga

    Bob, what are you doing? Do not try and confuse us with the facts!

    55 leak jet

    I bought one over the counter not too long ago at Apex motorcycles in Auburn, Ca. Was not a big deal at all.

    KTM Financing promotions?

    Yes, but is the rate when the payments kick in? Normally is is fairly high.

    Best Off-Road Suspension Tuner?

    Try www.dicksracing.com. He did my front and rear for $650.00. Had the front revalved but did not need to buy springs for the front end. I did need a rear shock. Made a big difference. I had this done about two months ago.