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  1. sensor419

    MX pants for thick thighs?

    I just got some MSR NXT pants from Rocky Mountain ATV and they fit me well one size up from my jeans size to get a little room in the waist and rear end. Thighs in both sizes were good for me. Also they are $170 normally and on sale for less than $60.
  2. I know that many of you will have had excellent experiences with Klim and Twisted Throttle but my latest (and first) experience was not good. I ordered a Klim Nac Pak from Twisted Throttle who had it shipped from Klim. I received the pack that was shipped in a plastic bag. When I examined the pack, the back pad was permanently dented in several spots which I thought was likely from shipping in the bag (no solid protection). After sending pictures of the damage, Klim indicated that it was typical of the bags they have in inventory...what kind of quality control do they have then? To summarize the outcome, both companies have refused to recognize the pack as being damaged and gave me the only option of sending the pack back for a refund with no exchange. I have never dealt with such poor "customer service" from 2 different companies.
  3. sensor419

    Advice on dual sport boots

    BTO Sports has the Fly Racing Sector boots on closeout for $180. They were $440 when they first came out. Rocky Mountain ATV MC has them for $10 more but will price match. I have some coming in the mail from Rocky Mountain so have not tried them yet but they got positive reviews and are a higher end boot at a very good price so I decided to give them a try as they had my size. Others may weigh in on these.
  4. sensor419

    Which Cogent rear shock upgrade for DR650

    zig, How important is the thicker shaft? The lesser cost Cogent rebuild uses the stock shaft while the more expensive rebuild uses Cogent's thicker shaft. I am going to be a dirt road rider, not very aggresive.
  5. sensor419

    Which Cogent rear shock upgrade for DR650

    zig, Here is what I have read. The complete Cogent Mojave shock costs $640. The RT assembly above cost $400 as you said, then you add a different spring and oil for $145 and you install the oil and RT assembly into the stock shock body. You save $95 but you are using the stock body which some say may suffer from lack of longevity (thus the hard coating that Cogent has applied on their stock rebuild options). If you don't need a different spring that would be a savings. I need a heavier than stock spring unfortunately. So in my case, the Mojave seems like an OK deal and I can try to sell the stock shock and spring to recoup some cost. What's your perspective on this?
  6. sensor419

    Which Cogent rear shock upgrade for DR650

    I would appreciate input from folks with experience regarding the basic Cogent stock shock upgrade (hard coating etc), the Cogent stock shock upgrade with the thicker shaft, and the Cogent Mojave shock? How would performance compare? The basic stock shock upgrade with a new spring costs about $160 less than the Mojave after all shipping costs are accounted for. The stock upgrade with the thicker shaft/new spring and the Mojave cost about the same. I will be riding the COBDR and similar trips with some road time. Thanks for your input/help in making a decision.