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  1. Well this is sounding better and better!!!! I ws thinking it would be a couple hundred dollars to send the head and cylinder to ERIC. I think I could swing the $75 dollars and the new carb. Thanks alot fellas. Does JD jetting sell carbs? If so could I order one from them already jetted pretty close for my elevation.
  2. I am not a Brand picky, if somthing runs good and feels good when I ride it, and has a good price tag, I will ride it. I dont get into all the technical stuff because I will never use the bikes full potential, all I do is trail ride for fun. If I was a professional than it would be a different story.
  3. Thanks Sandmantis. The way everyone was talking I was thinking the head and cylinder had to be done to the bike. Money is kinda tight so I was hoping to get the bike and ride for awhile then start tinkering with it.
  4. Dang, yall bought got me talked into buying this bike. I have heard alot of good things about Eric Gorr. i will let yall know what I decide to do.
  5. Guys I thank yall for all the info. I dont know what to do, I am kinda scared to get it b/c I am intimidated by the jetting issues and all the othe rstuff mentioned. I am some what mechanically inclined and rebuilt the top end on my kx250 but thats about as far as it goes. I really want the bike but I am scared it may be to technical for me to get it dialed in to run good. The guy wants $2600 for the bike and its in almost mint condition. I thought about just keeping my KX and putting the extra money into it but man that Honda is SWEEEEEET!!!!
  6. Thanks SandMantis. It is in great shape and a good price. It maybe another 2 weeks before I can get it. Also, how do yall mix ur race gas. I think some fellas around here do 1 gallon race fuel/ 4 gallons 93 octane
  7. WOW Kirkes!!! thanks for all the info.
  8. I will ask him tommorow about the squish. Exactly what is this, I have heard people talk about it but never really understood what it was.
  9. Just get your husband to keep cranking it for you, LOL!!!
  10. PLEASE HELP!!! I currently have a 2003 kx250 thats awesome. But i found a like new 07 cr250 that is soooo sexy and is very low hours. I have been trying to read up on some reviews and stuff and it seems that alot of folks didnt like these motors, they may have just been honda haters. Anyways my main concern is I want a low maintence bike that doesnt take race fuel but will run off 93 pump gas. Some of the reviews were saying you had to really tune the carb and run race fuel on these motors so you didnt have detonation. This bike I am looking at has vforce reeds, platinum pipe, and the head has been milled down, and has a weisco piston. The owner says he doesnt run race fuel in it and has rejeted the carb to run leaner to get rid of the bog. Is the milled head a good or bad thing? I know it raises the compression. Also I read that the case reed motors are no good. I wanna know from people who actually own these Hondas not just from testing them in a magazine. Thanks
  11. Yea it was shameful when those 250 4t were beating me or either right on my tail. Guess I am gonna tear it down soon.
  12. Dang, no comments!!! I just want to know if the bike creeping backwards while in gear and shut off is a sighn of low compression. It hasnt ever done this before.
  13. I rebuilt my 03kx250 on january and have rode a good bit. This was my first time doing a top end rebuild, I did not replate the cylinder because I had 2 mechanics look at it and they said it was good for one more top end. so this gets to my point, I have been riding trails the past 2 days and noticed when I stop for a break and cut the bike off and leave it in gear while I am sitting on it, that it will start rolling backwards very slowly if on the slightest incline. I have never had the bike do this before. Plus there were 2 different 4stroke 250 bikes that wanted to race me on the straightway, it took all i had to beat them or stay on there tail. I have never been beat by a 2504stroke. So I am guessing I am loosing compression and need to do it right and get the cylinder replated and new piston and rings. Kinda bummed about this cause money is tight right now. What do yall think.
  14. I rode all day today and never fouled a plug. Man that was nice. Although it was 15 degrees cooler than usual cause of all the rain. I may go up to a 50 pilot an drop the main from a 165 to a 162 or 160.
  15. OH, I didnt know this, like I said, I am still learning. I wish I would have thought to look at the needle and slide while I was in the carb yesterday. I do know that everything is stock.
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