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  1. turboandy

    09 crf450 issues

    Kev, check the connector for the ground wire to the frame from the coil. Georges came loose at the connector last year and I had to recrimp it.
  2. There is a party interested in my 09 crf450r. All I have is a certificate of origin and a noterised receipt that I bought it paid in full. Their bank, a West Virginia comunity bank says they need to have a title in order to process their loan. I have always sold for cash in the past and just handed over paperwork. The certificate of origin does say on the back of it that there is no loan on the bike. Any ideas or comments on what we can do other than spend $300 to get a title ?
  3. turboandy

    Tom Morgan ?

    Anyone have contact info for Tom Morgan ? I have a buddy with a special built Honda stroker motor by Tom and we need a special CP piston for it. We contacted CP without any luck. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I just got some in tank fuel filters from CRFSTUFF. After having filter problems with one of my 09 crf450r's. It suprised me how much trash is in the gas you buy from gas stations. I would suggest these for all bikes especially carburated ones. The stock filters on injected bikes get cloged. Think about it, on a carburated bike the trash just goes through the jets into your engine. Also it was a pleasure dealing with Scott.
  5. turboandy

    Just got my 09

    Congrats, sounds like a super deal
  6. turboandy

    changing sprockets

    1 tooth on front = 2.5 on rear. IE. going down to a 13 on front is very close to going to a 50/51 on the rear. 14/48 sounds very tall to me. But I gear mine for the stumps, 13/50.
  7. turboandy

    Second hand bike "bogging" problem. Please Help!!

    Check the ap too. Sounds like bad ap adjustment or bad diaphram.
  8. turboandy

    09 spacers

    All spacers and wheels from 02 thru 10 are interchangable when using stock hubs.
  9. turboandy

    Bent Spokes/Spokes Wont Tighten

    Never heard that one but it makes sence, thanks !
  10. turboandy

    loose spokes

    I always check mine before riding for the day, always. Keep an eye on your kick starter bolt too.
  11. turboandy

    2009 crf 450 new!!

    Jump on that one !
  12. turboandy

    possible 09 fuel issues?

    YEP, I gave you gas for that one. Great post buddy ! :worthy:Then I ordered 5 from CRF STUFF. Scott is a geat guy to deal with.
  13. turboandy

    What's a good seat cover?

    I always use this stuff, buy a yard for less than 30 bucks and you have enough to do 3 seats. Heat and stretch this stuff when you install it and it will be wrinkle free and durable. http://seattlefabrics.com/tough.html
  14. turboandy

    03' hard to kick

    Sounds like somehow your cam chain is too tight.
  15. turboandy

    possible 09 fuel issues?

    "But, ethanol and methanol can be corrosive to aluminum, rubber, plastic (tanks, lines etc), do not store as long, and have the tendency to attract water which can cause this bog you speak of. " The Captain is correct and dry gas is just alcohol. When we were running the alky funnybikes we would always drain the fuel after the event and run gas through the system.