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  1. XAaronJohnstonX

    07 450 shock and fork help.

    I have had this bike for a while now, I got it used and abused. I have literally done everything to this bike to get it how I want it, except for something I have kinda been dreading, fork seals and rear shock. I don’t have any idea where to start, I have the fork seals/bushings kit, and the rear shock kit in my cart ready to buy. I just need to know if there is anything else I might need before I bite the bullet. This bike is in major need of it and has been since I got it, when I take it off the stand the forks go down at least 2 inches, and I get major arm pump in the trails. It also bottoms out on the front really easy. Not to mention the tons of oil that leaked from the forks after my first ride after the winter. Any advice or tips helpful also.
  2. XAaronJohnstonX

    Another oil consumption thread

    Cancel that, just decided I would drain it and it had to much in it, about 7 oz to much. Plus the 16 oz I added thinking it was low. So now I need to know why it wasn't hitting the dip stick. I will note that when I was draining it none came from the left side until I took the dipstick out. I took the fill cap off drained the right and went to drain the left and it was barely coming out till I pulled the dip stick out. Maybe a passage is stopped up, maybe nothing is wrong I just over filled it I have no idea. Next time am not gonna trust the bottle saying how much it is. I will measure it out.
  3. XAaronJohnstonX

    Another oil consumption thread

    You said hoses, I only see one hose and it's the main one coming from the head.
  4. XAaronJohnstonX

    Another oil consumption thread

    Okay will do I'll try it when the rain stops.
  5. I have a 2007 Yamaha YZ450F, as far as I know it's never been rebuilt or anything, but it's never been raced. When I got it, it had the original white anniversary edition plastics and stickers. I decided to do an oil change after realizing the oil level was low when I got it, and now I have less than 6 hours on the oil and it's not even hitting the dipstick. That seems a little excessive if you ask me, but there is no smoke or leaks coming from the bike at all. The compression is still there also. I have no problem rebuilding it, I just don't want to rebuild it if it doesn't need it. I just don't understand where the oil is going.
  6. XAaronJohnstonX

    Jetting help

    When I got the bike I checked and changed everything from spark plugs, to valve clearances and timing, everything was in spec then but it still back fired a lot and seems to not respond as fast as it should. The old gas isn't a problem for me, my bikes don't sit and if for some reason they are I drain all the gas from the tank and carb, and clean em when it's time to ride. When my buddy got the bike it was still hot out, and seeming we haven't really had a cold winter since I have still been riding it a lot.
  7. XAaronJohnstonX

    Jetting help

    I am trying to get the jetting on my 07 yz450f right. I am not sure where i need to start though. The bike is a little hard to start sometimes, backfires a lot, and it doesn't stall when I screw the mixture screw all the way in. Also it bogs if I snap the throttle. I have practically redone this whole bike now I just want it to run right, riding at about 500ft 60-80 degrees. Not quite sure which jets are in it most likely stock seeming the bike was completely stock when I got it, I am gonna pull the carb soon just haven't yet cause it's so much of a pain to get out.
  8. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    I got it, I checked the manual before I changed it, drained em both changed the filter then put 1 liter in it, let it idle for a couple minutes and checked it, it's all good.
  9. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    Okay, I just finished changing it, and got my hour meter set. I mostly been riding trails until I can get used to it, every time I get on a track I feel like my hands are falling off. So I am gonna stick to every other ride changing the oil. Anyone got any tips for problems endowing, I was fine on my 2 stroke but this 4 strokes a different beast. Some jumps get me sometimes.
  10. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    Good to know, glad it was already on it. I will pick up a twin air next time I go ride.
  11. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    I got a k&n on it, clean and oil it after every ride, gonna start changing my oil every 2 rides after this oil change seeming a ride last about 5 hours for us.
  12. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    Okay, going from a 125 2 stroke to a 450 is not easy, but I am slowly getting used to it, the arm pump is ridiculous but it's slowly getting better, I had just gotten to the point since I started riding again that I could ride all day without my hands hurting, going to the 450 it's started all over again. I appreciate all the info.
  13. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    Appreciate that info, I have a service manual saved in my phone I will keep checking it from now on, picked up a hour meter to help track it. How long should I expect a 450 engine to last, no metal shavings or anything was in the oil or the oil filter but just out of curiosity, i rebuilt a ttr 225 that was spitting oil past the rings a few years ago. I plan on rebuilding it when it's time any things I should look out for, I know when things go wrong on a 4 stroke engines can get destroyed, all my 2 strokes just stopped running when the rings quit sealing.
  14. XAaronJohnstonX

    Oil Consumtion?

    I got a 2007 YZ450F that I got from a buddy of mine, seeming no body has raced it and it hasn't been ridden hard at all I waited to change the oil in it when I got it from him. When me and him changed it about 15-20 hours ago we put a little over a quart I believe I know we needed 2 bottles. Today I decided seeming I got used to it and have been riding it a little harder, and that I was planning to get on the track next time I take it out I was gonna change the oil, I caught all the oil in a oil jug and it's only like a half a quart, you can't smell any oil burning when it's running and the bike still runs very very good, also the plug isn't black, there is oil coming from the large hose on top of the head cover though but doesn't seem like much has come out there. Any help would be appreciated, I know it's a 2007 and from the people my buddy got it from last year they probably rode it pretty hard, so I am curious as to know if it might be ready for a rebuild. I know a decent amount about 4 strokes but I have been riding 2 strokes up until I got this bike from my buddy. Any help is appreciated.
  15. XAaronJohnstonX

    Show me your motocross bike

    Definitely proud of how it came out did everything myself, just got a few little things like clutch cover, hoses and some things to give it a more blue accent.