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  1. cr125dude

    2010 won’t start after frame swap

    Also put 12v to the fuel pump and let that run while I try to start it and it still didn’t start
  2. cr125dude

    2010 won’t start after frame swap

    Bike ran good before I swapped the frame from the 2010 to a 2013. Put everything together just how I took it apart but will not start now, has spark. Tip over sensor is good. But there is only .3 volts going to the fuel pump. Stumped and would like to get the running soon
  3. cr125dude

    2010 rmz frame swap to a 2013

    Bought a 2010 rmz 250 with some frame damage, found a 2013 frame for a reasonable price with title. Wondering if everything will mount up from my 2010 to the 2013 frame
  4. cr125dude

    06 kx250f starting hard and hanging idle

    I did the valve clearance and one intake valve had no clearance so I reshimmed it and now it starts right up, but it still has a hanging idle after I rev it, what could cause this?
  5. My 06 is really hard to start and when it's cold I have to push start it down I a hill to get it going, also it has a hanging idle for a couple seconds then drops drops down, what could be the problem?
  6. cr125dude

    about to set fire to this bike, its a long one

    I had an 04 kx250f, lost compression one day and changed to piston, never started after it lost compression, even took it to the dealer and they couldn't figure it out 700 bucks later, and that wasn't the full time cause they have me a huge deal since they couldn't figure it out. Anyways I head lost of stories about these bikes not having very good engines.
  7. cr125dude

    Need help Kawasaki KX250F 2007

    When I bought mine the same thing happened, took apart the carb and noticed the main jet was laying in the bowl
  8. cr125dude

    Got a new valve banger today

    Lucky man! You won it on my birthday!
  9. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    Where do I put the rings on the new piston when it comes? And when I put the old piston back in the rings have to stay in the same spot?
  10. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    I had it apart and put the piston in the cylinder and poured a little oil in there to see if it would leak and I moved the piston up and down, I guess it probably wouldn't do anything cause its not running. And it never smoke like it did before I took it apart, It only smoke a little when I revved it before I took it apart, so when I put it together with the old piston it smoke like crazy
  11. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    I just took the cylinder off and the piston head and cylinder all had oil on it when I took it off, and it was like dripping from the parts, it's was in the combustion chamber, what is causing this?
  12. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    It smokes we idling too, just can't see in video
  13. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    After 5 minutes of idling, it still smokes like this
  14. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    The guy ordered it before and never used it
  15. cr125dude

    06 cylinder hone

    Hopefully it works fine, it's was only 95 bucks and came with gaskets