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  1. cant you lose the 1.3mm from machining down the washer above the reb stack ? or even taking .7mm off each washer below and above the two stacks as long as theres enough material on them. it will lower it ever so slightly but nothing you couldnt compensate on sag.
  2. yamaha837

    08 Yz Shock Revalve

    I would re measure those thicknesses. What are you using the bike for? I have some decent settings for this shock.
  3. yamaha837

    Shock clevis material ?

    I can get u a rod made to fit the clevis u want to use?
  4. You can't replace the adjustment screw as far as I'm aware. I've just replaced the whole top cap assembly before which aren't too expensive.
  5. yamaha837

    Worn shock bodies with MXT pistonband

    I have the oring size for std piston band in workshop is that any good?
  6. yamaha837

    SKF vs. OEM seals...

    I've found the opposite on certain forks, not belittling skf it's a great seal but on a lot of riders I've used skf nok have seved just as well.
  7. yamaha837

    SKF vs. OEM seals...

    Prove it...
  8. yamaha837

    SKF vs. OEM seals...

    Use what you can afford I doubt anyone could tell the difference between skf and oem on the track including myself. Durability wise I've seen skf fail as quickly as oem's
  9. yamaha837

    Upper and Lower bearing replacement?

    I always use a little heat on the shock body works well.
  10. yamaha837

    Upper and Lower bearing replacement?

    A good fitting socket and larger size socket the other side pushed through on a vice works well.
  11. yamaha837

    DIY shock spring compressor

    Like the idea might build one I've been using a press and v blocks when I need it.
  12. yamaha837

    DIY shock spring compressor

    Lots of road bike shocks the springs need pressing off.
  13. yamaha837

    Whats the Second best fork oil?

    That's not bad, I haven't seen the s1 oil but the 01 is £100 for 5 litres over here! :0 I use maxima and get 19 litres at a time for just over £100
  14. yamaha837

    YZF250-10 shock revalve, first try

    Misread your reb sorry