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  1. gnarly_carl

    Miami Creek Status?

    Closed from Dec 1 until sometime in the Spring.
  2. gnarly_carl

    Repairs on S.F. Peninsula

    Steve Silvestri at 650-Racing in San Carlos. Great work at affordable prices. Tell him Carl sent you.
  3. gnarly_carl

    clear creek being sold as a oil and gas lease?

    Occupy CCRA!
  4. gnarly_carl

    BLM Steps Up Enforcement at Clear Creek Management

    More like a mass grave for 90% of the population. They will infect the folks somehow and miraculously the elite 10% will be able to "save the earth".
  5. gnarly_carl

    clear creek to re open soon

  6. gnarly_carl

    BLM Steps Up Enforcement at Clear Creek Management

    I'm sure the soil will be superb today...
  7. gnarly_carl

    Need 2ea 40 foot containers

    Check with Dirtflea, he will hook you up.
  8. gnarly_carl

    What to carry

    Colt 1911 side holstered.
  9. gnarly_carl

    Miami creek conditions

    Maybe ridable by June. Dusty county roads from what I remember.
  10. gnarly_carl

    Cant ride!

    Glad you're ok Chad.
  11. gnarly_carl

    Cant ride!

    My wife was a "Clear Creek Widow" for many years...
  12. gnarly_carl

    OHV Volunteers

    Thanks for all your work Dave!
  13. gnarly_carl

    Frank Raines Riding

    Then it doesn't exist...
  14. gnarly_carl

    Miami Conditions?

    I might be heading there this weekend to find out, should be epic condish...
  15. gnarly_carl

    Frank Raines Sunday 3/7

    Glad you liked it Skeeter. Our crew was out there "bushwhacking" on Saturday and what a killer day it was. We'll be back again this Saturday for more.