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  1. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    I havent messed with the 84 500 much. I got alittle sidetracked. i picked up an 85 cr 125!! Its in pretty nice shape and i also just picked a very nice and stock 90 cr 500! dang craigslist!!lol! Im gonna gets some pics up of those bikes real soon!
  2. beck941

    87 KX 250?????? Should i buy it?

    Yeah, thats what kinda scares me. The only thing that carries over is the rod and rod bearings. I really want it cause its a good bike and its still pretty much original. Its gonna suck if someone buys it and puts monster energy stickers all over it and trashes it!! I dont guess i can save them all, but dang. Hmmmmm......
  3. Im thinking about buying an 87 KX 250. It is a 2 owner bike. Same owner since 88. Has been re-ringed twice. Still has original factory shrouds and graphics. Runs and rides. It looks pretty good from the pics. From what i have gathered these bikes made decent power, had good brakes, and the suspension wasnt too bad. Way better than the years before. Whats the good and bad on this particular year. I can get it for $650. The guys pretty firm on the price he still rides himself.
  4. beck941

    1987 Yamaha YZM500 at Farleigh Castle VMXDN

    I remember seeing that bike in black n white in some of my old magazines! I was in awe. Wish we could have gotten it over here. Looks better in color!
  5. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    To follow up that last post, if you know of or have an 80's mx bike 125 and up that you want to get rid of or trade let me know. I would like to stay close to alabama.
  6. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    Thanks ZRXER for reposting those pics!! I aint got that good yet,lol! We gotta save these bikes! Especially when you find them in semi original condition. They sure aint making them like this no more. Just wait till ya'll see what i went to Memphis Tn and bought saturday! Im a sucker for early to mid 80's motorcross bikes!
  7. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    yay i finally got th pics up thanks to my wonderful future wife!!!!!!!! Thanks for the help too, guys.
  8. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

  9. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

  10. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    i having problems getting the pics from photobucket to here. I need help.....
  11. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    Well everyone, i got the 84 from nashville. it was alittle rougher than i thought. The kickstart gear appears to be bad. Itll catch every so often. I guess im gonna have to pull the topend off. It appears to be seized. I think from just sitting too long. Ive been letting it soak. I put some PB blaster in the plug hole. It still aint budging after 5 days. I got a photobucket set up so ill post pics tonight.
  12. beck941

    84 Honda CR 500????

    Thanks rotbox. I will definately be keeping in touch. Im headed to Nashville in the morning to get it. I will figure out how to post pics tmrw. Ive got my fingers crossed. Te pic are i seen of it were great. Im buying it from a lady. It used to be her sons. He passed away. I paint and restore cars for a living. I plan to do the same with this bike. Its so awesome how old bikes have a story.... Im 32 by the way and when i was younger all i could afford was broke down late 70's to mid 80's dirtbikes. Ive had brand new bikes too, up until 2 yrs ago, just not the same. Its kinda weird how you go back to your childhood. I live in birmingham al by the way. I will let yall knw how it goes tmrw! fingers crossed.