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  1. RAFFE Bikes - first 50cc competitive electric mx bike - Available as a build to order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoadSSbNxIM
  2. Eric will have as many as needed for the general public
  3. Agree his efforts are admirable to say the least. He is a true champion for going out there on the 125. I bet that was so nice to hear it across the arena! Well from the review on mxriding dot com it sounds like Renner has more to come. I hope he keeps these efforts as they are helping to stir just the right controversy for the AMA to change some rules around. GO RENNER!
  4. mxriding has posted all the qualifying times in the forum section under pro-riders ricky renner http://mxriding.com
  5. It's never to late to help out Ricky! Stocked! Sounds like the motor is ripping... check this out http://mxriding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=7
  6. Looks like the hands of god, I mean Eric Gorr did the work on Renners 125cc stock bore! www.mxriding.com
  7. Very cool. Can't wait to hear your review. I just sent mine out to Eric for a Mo betta 134.
  8. A pro doest ride around the entire track in 3rd. The entire point of practicing on a 125 is to learn how to use ALL of the bike. If you can transfer the skills from a 125 to a 250, you will be VERY fast.
  9. I just put on some RG3 22mm triples on my 01' YZ125, and ruskys explanation is exactly right.
  10. I spoke to Eric and he said the 134cc is a screamer. That with the DEP REV pipe/silencer its just magic. Stronger bottom end then a 125, but rips mid-top. That's why I haven't decided if I want a 144 or 134cc. I would love some awesome grunt from the 144 and will be easier to ride, but I like the sound of the 134cc as it needs to be piped like a 125.
  11. Well yes, but I said that because it sounds like you have dropped a good amount coin and TIME into making this bike look and feel how you want it. Personalizing is a significant effort. Its never nice to do all that work just to just blow it out. If all else works well and its pretty much been rebuilt, your going to have a hard time finding another one as nice as yours. And not just that, after doing all that work its nice to know the "latest" history on the bike. I THINK you share the same motor down to maybe like a 97'. I have ran across three complete motors on craiglslist in the last couple of months between $100-$250, long blocks. Keep an eye out on Ebay as well. You might be able just to swap in the tranny. I know you can "patch" where the 5spd misses with gearing ect, but the 6spd is really nice. It's consistently on the pipe. The needle WAM talks about sounds nice. I am thinking about going with JD's kit. It's suppose to be really nice. The trick with there kits are the needles as well. I did the PV governor stiffer spring mod just two weeks ago. And YES, took the initial bog when cracking the throttle out! A must do. All these mods mentioned will def help your drop in RPM in the shifts. Dial all these in, and keep an eagle eye out for the 6spd. You will not be throwing your money away by doing the needle, spring, sprocket ect on the 5spd... So if you ever do drop in the 6spd, it will only make things that much better. EDIT: I also plan on doing a 134 or 144 EG build.
  12. I'm 189 no gear and it pulls me perfectly. Stock 125. What you are describing sounds like the the 5spd issue. Drop a 6spd in there!
  13. Well I could be wrong here but I am pretty certain that the 05+ motor was pretty much completely redesigned. The head seems to have a much different angle, and the tranny also went back to 6spd. So the motor and tranny mounts could be way off.
  14. I'll let you know on the shipping. As far as the tranny swap, I really don't know the changes from the 01-02. But play around with the sprockets. I looked at the 51 that I have and its a little worn, but its fine. Only reason I took it off was to change the teeth count.
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