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  1. Don't have quicktime so all i get is audio only
  2. Sorry, maybe not what you want to hear but as you have already said it is illegal. So that in itself is good enough to not let it happen. On top of this i think 12 is too young to ride unsupervised anywhere, least of all on public highways No offence, and i am not judging you. Just my opinion
  3. cardiffdrz

    Hair loss and helmets?

    I use dandruff shampoo too, but unlike you i shower daily and clean my helmet along with the rest of my body I don't think there is any direct correlation between wearing a helmet and hair loss as Broken R1 says is that was true your legs etc would be as bald as a badgers arse.
  4. cardiffdrz

    tech 10 or tech 8's?

    If both sets are killer prices why not get both. Both are very good boots and i doubt you will be disapointed with either
  5. cardiffdrz

    gear bags

    Don't forget about the import duties you will have to pay for. If you can get a seller that will be willing to mark the items as gift then you will ok and the savings will be good due to the weak dollar right now. Otherwise the savings will be slight and not worth the trouble as you may have problems with waranty issues or even different specs between oz and US bikes.
  6. cardiffdrz

    sad noob with a wr450

    Bike died in 4th is not a lot to go on. Give us the details even if you think they are not relevant, obviously no need to tell us what you were wearing but all details bike related
  7. cardiffdrz

    VIN ID help

  8. cardiffdrz

    ID bike from VIN

    No idea at this point, i certainly hope not but the dealer didn't say it was stolen just the number didn't match the bike
  9. cardiffdrz

    ID bike from VIN

    I posted in General but as it is a Yamaha related issue maybe this is the best place to post. A friend of mine has an R1 that may have some unkown history to him. He went to the dealers today to order some part and was told his VIN wasn't correct. I know there is a website around that allows you to ID bike model via the VIN does anyone have a linky to that please?
  10. cardiffdrz

    VIN ID help

    I have tried search but can't find what i am looking for. Can someone post a link to the site that ID's Yamaha bikes from the VIN i know it has been posted before but i can't find it Cheers guys
  11. cardiffdrz

    Made in China?

    The oldest surviving civilisation. The Chinese certainly know a thing or two for sure. We do only have ourselves to blame though, they are only producing what we ask them to produce in a set price. a yard of cloth will only ever be a yard in length, you can't have top quality and pay buttons for it Frogman: what the hell is wrong with you, it seems every post i see of yours you are bashing the Americans. I am not American and it is starting to piss me off, why come to a site made up of mainly Americans and start dissing them and FYI Ud_luz is a very well respected member here that has a great deal of knowledge on many subjects. If he says something i suggest you at the very least listen to what he is saying before attacking him because chances are you WILL learn something
  12. cardiffdrz

    Made in China?

    Wow that surprises me Dr Martens are supposed to be as British as a cup of tea I remember everyone wearing them back in the 70's and 80's because they were so good at kicking the "pakis" head in with Oh how times have changed, damn political correctness I just had a look at their website i am amazed at how many styles they now do, they were only ever working boots and fighting boots.
  13. cardiffdrz

    Rednecks havign fun

    Right after this freestyle event they had the marrying of their sister ceremony
  14. cardiffdrz

    What a tool

    Look at this tool here, absolute classic
  15. cardiffdrz

    hawaii supermoto... freakin hooligans!!

    Whats the cam set up you are using, any chance of pics of how it is mounted? Nice vids