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  1. xxdabroxx

    Rear brake after SM conversion pads touching rotor

    I agree. If your pads weren't touching you'd lose brake feel by having to take up the extra slack every time you hit the brakes. Not sure what the notchy feeling you are getting is though, could be anything from air in the system to an issue with the master cylinder or you may even just be bottoming out the lever on the footpeg.
  2. xxdabroxx

    DRZ400S lacking oomph on shifting

    I resemble that remark. We try and keep it pretty loose around here, don't want anyone to take us too seriously.
  3. xxdabroxx

    DRZ400S lacking oomph on shifting

    Whom LMAO Good old Heavy the instigator.
  4. xxdabroxx

    Random pics.

    Went on a little Jeep cruise this weekend. I loved the weather, wet and foggy.
  5. xxdabroxx

    New KLX400R owner needs some help

    Unless you like quiet, then go with the FMF Q4. Z-Pro for the best performance, Q4 for a compromise of a little more performance than stock but not too loud. IMO
  6. xxdabroxx

    New KLX400R owner needs some help

    We just have to work a little harder over here to get the cool stuff but we still make it happen. We're just outnumbered when it comes to votes. We can't give up the fight here though because our BS just ends up leaking out of our borders and into the rest of the states.
  7. xxdabroxx

    FCR Fuel Screw DRZ400

    I have an NCYS and NCYR but I only bought those because I was too cheap to buy the JD kit at the time.
  8. xxdabroxx

    FCR Fuel Screw DRZ400

    I don't know what else you are running but it could very well be rich all over. I've only got a 3x3 and Q4 with powerbomb. TT FCR MX 40 pilot 150 main NCYR needle clip 2 2.5ish turns out on the fuel screw.
  9. xxdabroxx

    Powercore 4 vs Q4?

    I vote for the Q4, I like mine. Loud when you want it to be but respectfully quiet at or near an idle.
  10. xxdabroxx

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    That looks good, I should have my buddy do my old steel tank sometime. Don't know what color I'll end up with though. I would like yellow plastics eventually.
  11. xxdabroxx

    21/18 wheel combo - wheel weights

    Sucks that I can’t get lead weights anymore. Brass ones aren’t cheap for spoke weights. I guess you only have to buy them once though. Anyone have a good source?
  12. xxdabroxx

    21/18 wheel combo - wheel weights

    I put weights opposite the rim locks on mine. I haven’t actually balanced them though. Seems pretty close.
  13. xxdabroxx

    Replacing skid plate for DRZ400

    The plastic ones are supposed to reflect less engine noise and mine is butt ugly. I think plastic would also be good for sliding over stuff. Not that I do anything that hard core with my DRZ anymore though.
  14. xxdabroxx

    DRZ new quick turn throttle option from 'g-2 ergonomics'

    Let us know I’d like a nice quality throttle for mine.
  15. xxdabroxx

    Random pics.

    But they look so cool.....