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  1. Stealth13

    Draining all the coolant

    What's the quickest way to drain the coolant? I had water in it and a cold canada winter is coming...
  2. So I was doing some wheelies and my buddy said there was some smoke coming out. But when I sit still and rev it there is nothing, when I'm on a road and pin it there is nothing. Would something cause this to happen, or is he feeding me a line? It's an 09 wr450 with 3400 km
  3. Stealth13

    Which chain and sprockets?

    I have the primary drive kit now. It seems to be a 520 chain? Why is this chain so much thicker than every other bike in the shop? Will this cause any issues? Also it came with a rivet style master link so I have to find a c clip style one now
  4. Stealth13


    the odometer cannot be reset and saves when battery is taken out. At least in canada, maybe yours has a cheap computer .
  5. Stealth13


    Those models have a digital display. No hours on mine though, it has a ride timer, 2 trip meters and a total odometer
  6. Stealth13

    price On 09 wr450

    I paid $4000 for my 09 last season with 700km. Now it has 2500km and its been great
  7. All I've done to my newer bike so far was remove the exhaust baffle . What else should be done and where do I find them on the bike?? Thanks!
  8. Just wondering how many miles/km you guys have on your bikes? Please state weather it's offroad only or dual purpose use. My 06 had 7200 of dual purpose My 09 is up to 2400 of offroad only
  9. Stealth13

    Oil in air filter box?

    I was doing a 5th gear burnout just roasting off the old tire and it got a bit hot and leaked some coolant out... Then I noticed a small bit of oil coming out of the airbox. Opened it up and there's a bit sitting and the bottom and some on the air filter itself . How does it get in there and is this an issue?
  10. Stealth13

    wr digital odometer,tripmeter, speedo

    My 06 I had last year only had 700 km. problem with them sitting is my carb was all gummed up and would hardly ever start. Got it cleaned up then sold it with 7200 km that same year
  11. Stealth13

    wr digital odometer,tripmeter, speedo

    sorry meant $1200 for the 04. I'm in Calgary and people are still wanting 5 grand for the 2007s so yea both my bikes were steals
  12. Stealth13

    wr digital odometer,tripmeter, speedo

    Not sure of the 05 sorry! How much we're they wanting for them? I paid 1700 for my 2004 last year and 4000 for my 2009 last year with 700km
  13. Stealth13

    wr digital odometer,tripmeter, speedo

    The 03-04 don't have it, I had an 04 . My 06 and 09 both do have
  14. Stealth13

    Will the shifting get easier?

    my 2009 gives me no issues finding neutral
  15. Stealth13

    Will the shifting get easier?

    Won't get much easier, but you will get used to it the more you ride!