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  1. Red_Rider04

    Question about 06 hondas

    Look out for the 250R honda.....Specs are still un-released
  2. Red_Rider04

    crf 150 modifications ?

    a list to save you from link clickin' Power-Up kit (jets,needles, and pilot) -this is for carb Removal of baffle Removal of Snorkel Spacers in forks Thicker oil in forks Set sag on rear suspension Stiffen rear suspension BBR Springs New pipe-tons of brands to choose Rev Box Some new tires! 428 conversion (doubt you'll need this) there ya go, have fun
  3. Red_Rider04

    doing something wrong????

    i think this is my problem.... i'll have to try shifting my weight...
  4. Red_Rider04

    06's YZ's WILL BE AL!!!!

    Are you serious? About how much.... I'd looove to have the 06, I Hate battling the "showing rust" problems that i have on my 150F on my 250F..... And also hopfully the clutch improvment they mentioned makes the clutch...well actually work..
  5. Red_Rider04

    Yamaha releases 06 models today at 9 pm

    What are you doing.... you should be looking in the phone book for the local yamaha owners phone # and reserve your 250F
  6. Red_Rider04

    2006 Yz250f!!!

    i doubt its still at 206lbs...... i feel like if i got swindled....
  7. Red_Rider04

    06's YZ's WILL BE AL!!!!

  8. Red_Rider04

    doing something wrong????

    Rolling at speed? i just shift regular and roll the power on and try to get the front up.... maybe i need to lean back like you said... ANd i think i am going to change the name,......unsure.... And the avatar is staying for sure.... shes a godess
  9. Red_Rider04

    06's YZ's WILL BE AL!!!!

    your serious? If so.... nice reporting... I should have waited!!! Iam mad ....GRRR... (did edit for the record )
  10. Red_Rider04

    06 Yamaha Release Date

    http://www.worldtimeserver.com/curr...e_in_US-CA.aspx for confusion
  11. Red_Rider04

    06 Yamaha Release Date

    Two hours..... seven minutes.... Can you keep those horses held?
  12. Red_Rider04

    06 Yamaha Release Date

    So you can check pacific time.... 2 hours and 50 minutes left http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_US-CA.aspx there you go
  13. Red_Rider04

    06 Yamaha Release Date

    Is it already 9 pacific? Isn't that in about 20 minutes.... yeah it is... just 20 more minutes.... hold on to your hats cowboys...
  14. Red_Rider04

    clutch lever questions

    for those days when you fall when you barely get going out riding and you have to go back home because of a clutch lever.... You'd be saying... i wish i paid those 60 bucks
  15. Red_Rider04

    06 Yamaha Release Date

    Thanks for the info