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  1. KLX125

    2003 KLX 125

    That is the only thing worng with it. The guy gave you a great deal. Clean out he carb and you are good to go.
  2. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    Ok got deeper in it and you will not believe what I found. The jackass that had this bike before me must have taken it apart to find the noise. Well how dumb do you have to be to put the cam chain guide in upside down? I mean why? The bolt was there in the top but was loose. The chain guide was upside down and not attached. I got the guide out and installed it correctly. I then got the chain back up and on the crank sprocket. Now I am waiting for the camshaft bolts and locking plate. This guy did not tightEN nothing up. Frigging cam shaft sproket loose. And listen to this. The little half "C" that holds the camshaft still in the head was missing. It was never put back in. No wonder why this bike was making noise. I have done 2 things at this point. 1: I have ordered all the parts for the engine and I am going to put it back together and get it running. 2; this is the big thing. I bought a good running Engine off Ebay out of a DRZ 125 as a extra one incase something else go bad. I dont think the guy went into the bottom end as it still looks good and the bolts are tight. Just the top end was not right. I should have checked when I had the rockers off but I had no idea they would rig it like this. Now I am checking every thing!!! But the KLX 125 will run again!!!!
  3. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    update, the bike quit today while he was riding it. It just shut off. I pulled it apart and found the timeing sprocket came loose. I never checked this as I didnt think it would come loose. The timing chain is down in the motor but seems to be ok. The sprocket bolts came out for some reason and I know the lock was on them. Now I need to figure out how to get the stator hub off so I can get to the chain and put it back up through the hole. I will get the one bolt that fell down in the motor out to. I hope it did not bend the valves when it came off. Any ideas guys why this happened? Bike was running good and quite until this. The roackers look brand new still.
  4. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    Well I replaced them and the bike is quite now. Noise is gone and bike runs good. I also broke on the valve adjusting caps off in the head and had to order one. Well I found out that the Honda one is the exact same thing. So yes now my son's bike has a honda part on it.....LOL ' But the engine sounds right now. So if your motor makes nosies, check the rockers. I bet they are worn out!!!
  5. KLX125

    Best method to install grips

    Hair Spray, I used this many times when I was racing dirt bikes. Works great!!!!
  6. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    I know I love honda's just have always found that Kawasaki's and Suzuki's are always faster unless it is a 250cc 0r a 500 cc 2 stroke. Honda will last longer than any bike. But most of the time a Kawasaki will out run a honda....But with these little 125 that does not really matter. This is just a starter bike for my son. His nest one will be a Kx 85 or a Cr 85.
  7. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    Well that would explain why these engines make so much noise after you use them for a while. It least it is not nothing major....
  8. KLX125

    Great deal on a UNI

    Yep, I just bought a twin air filter on ebay for 19.95 shipped. You cant beat some of those deals
  9. KLX125

    KLX engine noise sorce!!!!

    so all of them are like this after a lot of use?
  10. Well after buying the rocker arm locking bolts and working on this KLX to find the noise I do believe I have found it once and for all. I have been hearing that these engines are noisey and I have let it go on for some time. But I could not rest until I have this!!! Look at the pictures below. The intake valve rocker arm is worn into a cup shaped all the way across the rocker. If you look at the exhaust rocker you can see that it hs only a small bit worn, more like 40% cup instead of the completely worn intake one. The pictures are hard to see but I dont think it should be like this. Now does anyone have a set of rockers laying around? I believe I am in need of them. The cam shaft looks fine so I think this will do it. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Anyone have a Idea why the shifter arm where it connects to the foot peg has so much play in it? I took it apart and put a washer behind it but it looks like some kind of bushing would be needed for the inside? I also need the triangle upper motor mount with bolts if any one has one laying around? thanks
  12. KLX125

    KLX 125 Loud Valve Ticking

    I really believe it is the intake rocker arm making the noise I hear and the other engines on others bikes I hear. I will some day pull it back apart and reaplace it. But I dont think it will hurt anything at all because it cant fail...just makes some noise. But aleast I know it is not anything else. And the cam shaft comes out so easy!!
  13. KLX125

    KLX 125 Loud Valve Ticking

    Well I went ahead and adjusted the valves this morning. No change in sound, but bike has more power. As I was adjusting them I heard a noise when I was turning over the engine. I went ahead and pulled the head cover and I checked the chain, valve springs. Ect....I think it is the rocker arms making that noise. And I think it is the intake one. Maybe they wear and get loose in the cover and rattle? Dont know for sure but I am going to keep looking until I find it.
  14. KLX125

    KLX 125 Loud Valve Ticking

    I am going to adjust the valves in the morning. found out that it is not shim and bucket. It has rocker arms with adjusters on it. Should be very easy!! I will let you all know how it turns out.
  15. KLX125

    KLX 125 Loud Valve Ticking

    I have cleaned the carb out and it has new plugs. New air filter is ordered and I adjusted the cam tensioner. I have not done the valves yet. I may just take it and have it adjusted. I have however heard about 20 of these bikes over the last week About 14 out of 20 made that noise. ***?