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  1. clasikrotas

    01 cr250 fork advice

    awsome, thanks for the reply, hopefully i can sort it out!!
  2. clasikrotas

    01 cr250 fork advice

    ok cheers i will investigate that, any idea of what i may have done wrong to cause this, would be good to know so i dont do it again! cheers for the info
  3. clasikrotas

    01 cr250 fork advice

    it wont turn at all, like its jamed somehow, the rod droped into place, when i pulled apart again i cheked the adjusting screw and it turns freely, is something a bit further inside.
  4. clasikrotas

    01 cr250 fork advice

    hiyas, i pulled down my cr 250 forks for rebuild, followed all instructions including setting clickers to soft position before starting, now all together my left fork has no clicker adjustment on rebound, my right fork is fine, have pulled apart again and i cant see why, any help would be awsome!!