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  1. Jeremy

    Woody logo/sticker

    I don't have a clear pic of it, but you can get the stickers at the Throttle Jockey website (Click Here) . You may be able to download a good enough image there, or check your local dealer. My dealer carries a variety of sizes of the Woody sticker.
  2. Jeremy

    Porterville, CA......

    Depends on what you're looking for. It's a practice-only track, so everyone gets along well. It's very wide, flowing, and forgiving. It is definately not a technical track. There's a large mix of riders, from pro's to kids on 85's. It's very laid back; there's no set motos. Everyone can ride whenever they want from open to close. Most all of the jumps are tabletops (from 10' to 60') with smooth, easy, forgiving jump faces. It's usually busy, but it never gets too crowded. My buddies and I like it and go there often because we have so few choices here in central California. Many turns are flat with loose dirt. There are always overwatered areas that develop good ruts and other areas that are loose, powdery, dry dirt. If you are looking for a place to ride where you can have fun, you'll enjoy it. You can also check out this site - CLICK HERE [ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: Jeremy ]
  3. Jeremy

    How to "Whip it"

    I can't do one, but I can read about it. Now you can too. Click HERE
  4. Jeremy

    New or Used?

    Absolutely go used. The comfort of having a "new" bike and the warranty are nice, but you can save so much money it overcomes any "new" benefits. Plus the DRZS has only been out a couple of years, so many of the used bikes you look at will likely be in fairly good shape. People haven't had enough time to really start piecemealing them back together in such a short time. The S version also likely sees a lot more street time which is far easier on a bike. If I were you I'd look for a used 2001 that still looks like new. One shouldn't be too tough to find. Plus you may get the added benefit that many people will pour money into new bars, tires, skidplates, etc., and that will all come installed requiring no further cash outlay on your part.
  5. Jeremy

    Don't let Speedvision become NASCARvision

    Wait a minute. . . Are you trying to tell me that the Monte Carlo on TV isn't exactly the same as the one in the showroom floor? The races probably wouldn't have the manufacturer support if it were called "Nothing Like Stock Cars Racing" or maybe "Only The Shape is Like a Stock Car." Although, imagine the support the races would have if you could go down and buy Gordon's car and drive it on the street. Heck, I might start liking NASCAR.
  6. Jeremy


    Bill doesn't spend much time on the 'net on weekends. Put this back to top on Monday morning to ensure a response.
  7. Jeremy

    Why can't I sell it?-2000 DRZS

    Zorro - Call on any other somewhat similar bikes that are for sale in the paper. Find out their condition, miles, extras, etc and compare to yours. Then wait a couple of weeks and call on the same bike and ask what they sold it for. My local newspaper lets you search previous classifieds. I'd go back a couple of weeks and call anything similar. What they sell for is much better to go by than what some people are asking for. Also check Kelley Blue Book to get retail and wholesale values. It should sell somewhere in the middle of the two numbers. Then clean that bike up so there is no dirt on it at all. Then put for sale signs on it and keep it where bikers are. If necessary, lock it into the back of your truck (if you have one) and drive around with it everywhere you go. Also check your local accessory stores to see if they have bulletin boards to put up an ad. We are getting into prime selling time here. Racing is on TV and weather will soon be getting better. When someone comes along with money, close the deal!
  8. Jeremy

    Don't let Speedvision become NASCARvision

    DRBillZ - Show off. It's good to know that the number is rising fairly quick. You were number 164 and I was number 987 just a day or two later. But we'll need as many as possible to keep Speedvision showing vehicles that turn right and have fewer than four tires. Maybe the response isn't as huge because everyone is actively fighting to keep our lands open and other truly important issues?? We could only hope.
  9. There is a petition at the link below. I didn't see a post on this topic here, so here it is. Roughly 1,000 people have signed the petition so far, all indicating that we like Speedvision to cover all aspects of racing and motorsports, not just NASCAR. Click on this link and add your name. Speedvision Petition
  10. How could you go wrong with trying? I'd say chop to it. I bought one, but it didn't seem one inch longer. I laid them next to each other, and it only looked about 3/4" longer. However, that small difference in length made a huge difference in rideability. I believe the rubber boot on the end of the shifter was also slightly narrower than the stocker making it easier to get under. Overall it made a huge difference. I'd try it if I were you.
  11. Jeremy

    Baja designs

    Don't worry buzzard, you're not alone. I went through the same thing. I try to keep all of my money local because I want to have a nearby source of immediately available parts, plus a place to hold and look at parts. That's not available over the Internet. I wanted an extended shifter, and my dealer went all over the place trying to find it. They ended up paying full retail to BD to get it. My parts guy and I were both shocked that they wouldn't offer the dealership any discount. A discount is nothing new. It's a standard industry practice. I still support Baja Designs, and they have great products, but to refuse to assist potential distributors of their products is a poor decision. I know it goes against the flow because everyone here loves Baja Designs and Perry posts here (and I at his site), but I give BD a thumbs down on this one.
  12. Jeremy

    Easiest, best way to lift rear tire?

    I just made a stand out of 3/4" plywood. I cut the sides 10" wide at the top and 13" wide at the bottom for stability, and made it tall enough to keep both tires off the ground. The only problem was getting my DRZS onto the stand. I must say life is much easier w/my CR250. I think if I kept the DRZS I would have spent the money to get one of those foot operated, lever type of stands that lifts the bike itself.
  13. No problems with mine either. I think that if you are considering selling just because of reading problems on this site you are not seeing the whole picture. Instead, look at the threads when people ask if they should buy a DRZ instead of some other bike. The avalanche of responses is always the same -- "YES, buy the DRZ. You'll love it." The same person that may have posted a problem a week earlier still strongly recommends buying one. People don't come here to post when some stock part is working well. Plus, many of the problems that people have are due to modification after modification, and trying to get everything to work together smoothly. If you think another bike is perfect, go to a forum for that bike and you'll see that's not the case. Every bike has its shortcomings and people come to these forums for suggestions. If you are happy with the DRZ so far, keep it.
  14. Jeremy

    CTi 2 Knee Braces -- Free?

    Yeah, insurance will pay for them if you can get a doctor to write a prescription saying that you require two knee braces (what $1,200?) for two perfectly healthy knees. Good luck. My doc wouldn't do it. I've heard some will, but I doubt it happens often. That's why Asterisk (the same manuf as CTI2) sells for $550 off the shelf. Cheaper, seems to be as good, just not as customized to your knee. Call your doctor and see how lucky you get.
  15. Jeremy

    Website for 2-smokes?

    Dirtrider.net has a ton of posts and members, but the maturity level seems quite low and a lot of posts turn into "Mine is faster than yours, and I can jump farther" drivel. Plus they are seriously anti-quad. It's almost funny. I spend most of my time at Extreme Dirt Bike for two smoke help. They don't have as many members, but they are quite helpful. For a lot of non-moderated posts (some helpful, many not) you can go to the rec.motorcycles.dirt newsgroup. In the end, I just wish I could find a site as good as ThumperTalk was when I had my DRZ. Haven't found one yet!