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    Probably the most fun i have had on a motorcycle, love the different throttle mapping and traction control settings, they really help for riding two up and not wanting to scare your passenger. The bike is super quick and feels great going into a corner, freeway stability is roc solid as well. I would recomend this bike to any taller riders that have given up on sportbikes due to a lack of room this thing is so comfortable.
  1. Check the fuel cap vent, sometimes if that is clogged or doesnt work properly it can cause a vacuum in the gas tank after a short time running, just take the cap off and see if it will restart. Will it run with the choke on?
  2. Well your xr650 is not a real dirt bike, no offense i love my klr650 but they are not real dirt bikes they are dual sports and hthey are so heavy and so tall, have you ever ridden a mx bike?
  3. How tall? How heavy? Im 6' and have a wr400f (sorta a 450) and a cr250r and i love them both. The 400 is super smooth and pulls until i dont want to go any faster, and the cr250 is super squirty and "quick" due to gearing. The truth is is that at my size most bikes will physically fit me, anything you get will need the suspension set up for your weight, the best fitting bike i ever had was my 06 525exc
  4. Neutral saftey switch? Bad ground?
  5. My Raptor did this when the battery ground was loose
  6. Never seen a Polaris 3 wheeler post pics
  7. I have a 2015 klr650 with tusk paniers and i have been riding it all over the place since i got it, including 300 mile round trips and city driving and offroading. Definately tuff in the dirt but it is practically a streetbike on the road with a good set of tires.
  8. Ill see myself out of this thread with my "foo foo" bike then
  9. My brand new klr650 didnt come with one, my victory 106 manual is basically worthless? Probabaly alot of the same
  10. Find a bike yet?
  11. What about an old yamaha warrior 350? Looks similar to the banshee and its a four stroke with an e-start.
  12. Probably about 200 ish dollars i just did a resleeve on my atc and i think the piston was about 150 alone.
  13. I used a double on my zj for a 525exc and a crf250x handeled it no problem still have the carrier, may have been above tounge weight but should be fine on your tahoe trailers are a pita
  14. So i was riding down the highway, with my now fiancé on the back of my klr comming back from a ride up to main divide road, and i started to notice that my rear end felt ki da lumpy but thought nothing of it. It got progressivley more and more lumpy, like a feeling of the wheel being out of balance in the rear, so i made my way to the shoulder. Thats when the bead broke and i completely lost the tire, with girlfriend on back. I decelerated from 60 ish mph while the rear end of the bike jumped 3 feet left and right. My fiancé stuck to me like glue thankfully and we were able to keep the bike upright. Shaken, we walked the bike off the nearest offramp and collected ourselves. That was a couple hundred miles ago maybe eve a couple thousand, and since then ive been running a kenda 270 rear. It has been a fantastic dirt tire but on the road it gives a flat tire sensation due to the length of the knobs and their width, and follows every imperfection in the pavement. I elected to swap the rear out for a metzler karoo 3, and after 10 miles home from the shop it rides like the old tire did on the street. Overall i would not recommend the k270 for a bike of the klr650's stature, it is much too unnerving. Conversly the same tire was acceptable on the lighter dr650 i rode. Just sharing this because i wish i would have known before i bought it. God bless.