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  1. aproy

    XGX graphics...will they stick?

    just another idea on this, you can call XGX and ask them NOT to perforate your graphics if you are putting them on a metal tank. 90% of their graphics are made to order anyway
  2. aproy

    only i would get conned into building this......

    hey burned, what kind of pipe is that? nice job btw
  3. aproy

    frame gaurds drz400s

    i have the eline frame guards, they are huge, great coverage and awesome quality www.elineaccessories.com
  4. aproy

    $300 Tag for DRZ-E

    that was what i thought too
  5. aproy

    Black Box Confusion ????

    i dont believe the black box will help nor hinder performance, it is just a catch can
  6. aproy


    with a little will you can do anything. it will not fit the stock mounts, and it will not be easy.
  7. this is just my opinion but. . . i am a little embarassed for that bike. it looks like the cool kid's mom made him wear the horrible hat that his grandmother knitted for him for christmas 15 years ago to his first day at school. to each his own right?
  8. aproy

    hotcams stage 1 & stage 2

    so now heres the new question. if i have the old ex. cam, will the stage 1 intake cam help me out on the road? btw its a 04S converted to SM.
  9. aproy

    I Need a DRZ400S Manual

    did you guys figure out how to send it? i would really appreciate it!
  10. aproy

    Graphics, Finally!

    id like to see better pics if you have them available
  11. aproy

    Graphics, Finally!

    are those preprinted number plates? if so where did you get them AND how the hell did you get the right side on so nicely?? or is it just the lack of seeing it in real life?
  12. aproy

    Temporary Lowering

    use ratchet straps like they use for temp. ice racing and flat track. its kind of a crappy way to do it and the suspension obviously doesnt work as well, but itll do the job.
  13. aproy


    the 2005 ltz has a 37mm carb not a 39. it should work the same on the drz. if you have the drz-s it might be worth it for an extra mm, if you have the E or kicker, i wouldnt switch them out. the fcr on the e and kicker is a better carb. as far as cables go, im pretty sure they attach to the carb differently due to the different throttles, but any dealer can get you the right parts.
  14. aproy

    DRZ S Yosh install?

    my yosh doesnt have a heat shield. if you are getting a slipon, that would allow you to have the stock headpipe and heat shield.