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  1. bluffskier

    2012 Spark Arrestor Baffle removal???

    Hi, how do I get the baffle out of the spark arrestor cap on a 2012 CRF250X muffler? I'm modding this muffler for my XR600 FWIW. I want to get rid of the little hole in the back and make it big, like the inlet.
  2. My XR600 kick starter lever seems to wonder to the end of the shaft and the bolt stops it, but after a while it seems like it's trying to slide off, doesn't slip or anything, just seems strange that it does that. Any input on the situation? I'll get pictures after work.
  3. bluffskier

    XR400 small oil line (right side) size.

    Anyone? I have the Earl's adapter, but it has no part numbers.
  4. What is the size/threads of the XR400 oil cooler tube? The smaller one, looking for a fitting to put a double flare line onto it.
  5. I was also considering welding stops to the head tube. Had to ask first, an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  6. Hi, What are people using as steer stops when running a 2008 CRF triple on the XR650L/XR600? What are the aftermarket DOT options for headlights on an XR650L with an oil cooler with CRF triples and forks? Will the XR400 headlight lower supports line up with the XR650L Headlight support bracket? The wire one just above the fenders. Any good DS wiring diagrams out there for the XR600? I found a good one on Two Wheel Texans and already have the 200w stator and reg/rectifier.
  7. I got my cyl back with free shipping. They still charged me 50 for boring, and added sales tax on top of everything. So it was like no discount. Avoid these people at all costs!!
  8. I sent them my cylinder for my XR600 on April 1st, they got it the 5th or 6th. Now after waiting a month I call them and they forgot about my order, now when I call them it always "Just a day or 2 away". I'm getting a 98mm ceramic 10.5:1 piston and a bore supposedly I've lost cylinders for Superjets before via online builders, and any other time I have been ripped off on the forums, such as a $140.00 set of Superjet motor mounts, and the story is always the same, just like now. You see, I have an annual ride that I love to do in Arkansas, every July. but 3 months lead time isn't enough for Al Baker's XR's Only. Now to make matters worse, I've been having to miss work to have service connected injuries looked into by local Veterans Affairs, and money is non existent for bike parts.... Just a heads up. Don't waste your time or money here at Al Baker's XR's Only
  9. bluffskier

    Baja 49cc engine stator/magneto question

    US eBay. Here's a better link. http://m.ebay.com/itm/FOR-PIT-DIRT-BIKES-50CC-110CC-125CC-CDI-COIL-STATOR-MAGNETO-PLUG-WIRE-HARNESS-/181991710483?txnId=1501381177008
  10. bluffskier

    Baja 49cc engine stator/magneto question

    I think this may be a Hensim brand engine.
  11. bluffskier

    Baja 49cc engine stator/magneto question

    It's item# 181991710483 on ebay. The set up I bought.
  12. bluffskier

    Baja 49cc engine stator/magneto question

    Here's mine
  13. Hi, I have a basket case XR50 with a Baja 49cc engine. I need a stator and electrical and was thinking of this one. http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=181991710483&alt=web Any input on this?
  14. bluffskier

    xr650l mods: all or nothing?

    I want the XR's only non pumper Mikuni. What's the best non oumper slide out there?
  15. bluffskier

    Anyine have an RMX Cdi?

    Mine is a 93, but the years interchange. I'm not sure an RM CDI would fit.