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  1. KatoKonvert

    gas gas ec300 vs beta300rr

    I owned a Gas Gas 2018 EC250 last year, almost all my friends have Gas Gas 2018 EC300’s (inc GP) & I currently own a Beta 2018 RR300. OP, you haven’t told us anything about you - riding style (sit or stand), ability, height, weight, etc. I am 50, fit, 6’2”, 88kg & fairly adept on the bike, mainly ride rocky s/t at slow speeds with the occasional fire trail or transport section throttle-twister. I prefer the Beta’s lower seat & peg height as it both opens up the riding position & allows for dabbage when the going gets tricky. I agree with the above comment about the GG feeling more oriented towards open terrain - the GG KYB suspension is sublime & gets better the faster you go and the seat/peg/‘bar orientation feels more suited to standing attack at speed than a Beta to me. Beta’s electric starter is better, period. I have a combined 170hrs on 2 x Beta 2-t’s with nil stater problems. Zero. My ‘18 doesn’t have a kicker & I haven’t given it a second thought. It just works. Both brand’s 300 motors are plenty powerful everywhere. Jetting, gearing & riding style play more of a role than the base motors in my opinion. The Beta stock suspension is nowhere near KYB. But the ‘18 is miles better than my old ‘14 & I’ve seen people comment that the upgraded 2019 Sachs/ZF is better again. FWIW, I did a KYB fork conversion on my 2014 Beta but am not interested with the ‘18. For my speed & terrain, the Sachs OC is just fine. For example, I just tweaked the Comp clickers out from stock (12) to 16 turns & it’s nice to get a response from the fork - plusher & able to soak up corrugated sandstone hits at speed a little better. Horses for courses, though. I’m not a suspension guy - I tend to ignore/ride around perceived faults til they intrude on my enjoyment or safety. Overall, Beta wins for me in terms of living with the bike, off the bike. Parts, reliability, durability & overall ownership experience would be a 8.5/10 with Beta & a 5/10 with Gas Gas. An example below of our terrain & the Beta in it.
  2. Excellent. Only thing I would add is maybe filtering the oil tank vent line? It’s totally open to atmospheric pressure pushing dirty air into your oil tank. Yes, there is a filter at the bottom inside the tank, but my oil was dirty when I emptied my tank a few weeks ago - Motul 710 from a new container.
  3. KatoKonvert

    Beta 250RR - what's your set-up

    Fair enough! 0-1200m, 11-34c, Motul 710 @ 2% in 98RON, a/s 1.5, NEDW #3, 38p, 168m, p/v 1.5 in from flush out. I found NECJ a bit snappy & lean in the 250.
  4. KatoKonvert

    Beta 250RR - what's your set-up

    +1. NEDW works really well in the 250 motor. 13/50 & off you go..
  5. KatoKonvert

    Need help removing OI from 2018 xtrainer

    You need to remove 2 bolts under the rear fender that attach it to the sub-frame. Also, could you please empty the oil from your tank & post up a pic of the oil pls? Trying to ascertain if there are other examples of the tank getting dirty air through this vent.
  6. KatoKonvert

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    I removed my oil injection. I’m glad I did after I had a good look at the OI system post-ride last weekend. My bike was sounding lean heading back to the cars - hunting a lot & fairly audible knock. Not saying this is absolutely caused by little oil, but the symptoms occurred suddenly after the OI working perfectly. I found a lot of air bubbles in the oil line, a leak from the oil tank petcock (pinched o-ring) into the air box & most worryingly fresh Motul 710 that, once emptied from the tank, looked like 10hr old gearbox oil. There is a vent from the tank that just lays in the void behind the air box, totally unfiltered. So, once the oil level had dipped, atmospheric pressure has been pushing dirty air (containing particulates) into my oil. This has then been pumped into my motor. Not happy, particularly as I’ve been impressed with how the bike has run so far with Beta’s OI. The design does leave a bit to be desired, it seems! Looking forward to GP’s response - ha ha! I simply unplugged the tps & oil pump, removed the tank & pump and fitted a 2014 manifold for peace of mind. The array just needs a $4.50 RC-type fuel filter (Ebay) on the vent line to be safe enough for me to want to use again. Everything else has been cleaned, Permatexed & zip-tied in case I decide to run OI again. Pre-mixing 2% Motul in 98RON for now. Bike is running great.
  7. KatoKonvert

    KTM TPI wars: Problems vs No problems

    To dismiss the Euro guy’s (& others) complaints - that were written down & evidence-driven for the most part - by simply saying “I’m not yanking your chain - the ‘19 tip bike is, like, seriously awesome” & calling video evidence against tpi “garbage” is the worst form of orange-washing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy gets kick backs from a dealer or even KTM itself. To have a dealer then an FB page moderator ask you to take down negative feedback should be enough to make prospective purchasers run a mile. But, KTM have form here - I owned a 250 Freeride, which was great on paper, but in my experience, a very poorly realized motorcycle. My troubles included - crappy starting hot or cold (no back up kickstart), very weak brakes & exorbitant parts prices ($58AUD for a single shock mount bolt). I got shit-canned on DBW by a bunch of KTM fan-boys for daring to bag the bike. GFY. More recently, KTM had a shit year in the WEC, so they took their bat & ball and started their own series, WESS. Yes, they own it - but you wouldn’t know it. ALL the WESS press shots or video ALWAYS prominently features orange or white bikes. At least be open about the fact your riders (& bikes) couldn’t compete for that year, for whatever reason. Come back stronger - don’t slink off & create a Mattighofen Cup - cos that’s what it is. I’ve owned 5 Mattighofen bikes & most of ‘em were good. It’s the arrogance & control KTM display which I find sinister and a big turn off. Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing & we are lucky there are plenty of alternatives in the market.
  8. KatoKonvert

    KYB SSS Forks on Beta 300RR

    I followed Marty’s advice on Betarider & did the KYB mod (06 YZ250) to my ‘04 RR300. Not as hard as you’d think & the results were really, really good - particularly when riding faster or hitting rock steps hard. Should’ve kept those when I sold my bike - oh, well! However, not remotely interested in replacing the OC fork on my ‘18 - lovin’ it!
  9. KatoKonvert

    RK Tek Head Install or Not

    Yes, HDR - from 0.6mm to 0.3mm. I ride rocky, sometimes tech, s/t so I’m not missing the reported drop in top end from a 300cc two stroke anyway. I couldn’t really hold the bike wide open using over-rev at near 135km/h to tell! My jetting has cleaned up a smidge due to the drop in squish, too. Not here to bash after market bits, as I’ve had a few heads, etc. Just making the point that a tad more comp, shortening your silencer, angrying up your jetting or shortening your gearing is cheaper & probably as effective for more snap only.
  10. KatoKonvert

    RK Tek Head Install or Not

    I just spent $12 on a new base gasket when I wanted a bit more “snap” - seems to be working!
  11. KatoKonvert

    Oil Injection unplugged but not removed

    I stand corrected - this test doesn’t appear @ Beta USA. Apologies - I forgot, I saw it first from a dealer in Australia. Also, I am not a racer who rides sand wot - I am a trail-riding 50 year old who has mixed oil & fuel since 1983 (with few years off riding in between). I’m also not a qualified mechanic or engineer - nor should I have to be to maintain a 2-stroke dirt bike well enough to keep it running. While I may not be able to exactly verify the amount of oil flow at different rpm with Beta’s OI, no-one, to my knowledge, has devised a test to prove the system doesn’t meter oil at respectable rates across the rev range. If that test existed & showed not enough oil was being fed to the bike, I would be the first to switch to pre-mix. But, what would correct ratios be anyway? Surely, the Beta eggheads would have tested the system at various rpm on the dyno & devised a way to measure oil/fuel mix or density to ensure correct lube for as wide as possible a range of applications? I’m not trying to speak for everyone, but, for me, this is the best jetted & cleanest-running bike I’ve owned & the internals look schmicko so far. Glad you are happy with your Lectron & mixing fuel, too. All good!
  12. KatoKonvert

    Oil Injection unplugged but not removed

    Completely agree. No offense intended, but I think people are sometimes looking for problems that don’t exist. Yes, I’m one of the (majority) lucky ones who’s Beta OI works perfectly well. Crank well-oiled, bore immaculate @ 70hrs, little smoke after warm up, zero spooge, great power & economy. I run Motul 710, 98RON, 38p/165m, NECJ #3, a/s 1.5 - 2, season-dependent. The objective thing to do if you are worried about the system’s efficacy is go to the Beta USA website, locate the OI oil flow rate test procedure & test the bike. Bike passes test? Go ride.
  13. KatoKonvert

    Feedback needed from 250 / 300 rr owners

    Fast battery drain in the speedo is one culprit with the funky Beta unit. I just changed my battery (CR2032) & neither pos or neg battery faces were touching the screw on cap or the recessed tang with enough force to pick up current. Solution - rip a tiny corner of electrical tape, fold it & stick it to the back of the battery cap - this gets the battery in nice & snug. No further issues.
  14. KatoKonvert

    2019 Sachs poor quality already

    I have an ’18 RR300 with the oc fork, 65hrs, forks looked new inside when I serviced them a few weeks ago.
  15. KatoKonvert

    A, B OR C piston

    While this is great advice, I would add that fresh rings every 60hrs will increase the service life of the bore considerably. My rings were out of spec at 60hrs. The piston wasn’t. A very experienced motorcycle mechanic friend of mine told me this. Rings are $70AUD a pair & a piston kit is $250AUD.