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  1. 525rider

    Spare bike to rent/loan?

    When are you coming?
  2. 525rider

    Midweek riding.

    Message sent
  3. 525rider

    Midweek riding.

    everything i own is from Kirkland. I'm wearing Kirkland underwear right now, eating Kirkland fishsticks off of a Kirkland paper plate. I'm a fan. Yeah, that's what we make here.
  4. 525rider

    Midweek riding.

  5. 525rider

    Midweek riding.

    Looking for someone to ride with, have been riding by myself for years in the mountains and I enjoyed it, like the challenge, but it has its disadvantages. Frank
  6. 525rider

    Clearing Fish Lake/Chiwawa trails

    The same story every year, I am done clearing trails.
  7. 525rider

    Clearing Fish Lake/Chiwawa trails

    Tomorrow, Saturday, was there on Wednesday, not too much snow. Anybody able to come and help?
  8. 525rider

    Mad Lake on 21st.

    I was at Mad Lake an hour before, it was very nice there, nobody around just Chipmunks. Frank
  9. 525rider

    Mad Lake on 21st.

    I rode there one month ago and everything was clear, unless there is some new deadfall it should be OK.
  10. 525rider

    Mad Lake on 21st.

    I am planning on being there for the Eclipse, Cougar or Clone. Anybody interested?
  11. 525rider

    Wenatchee/Mad River Update

    They were lying!
  12. 525rider

    Some Lake Wenatchee area info

    I am planning on going to Goose Creek tomorrow midday and if someone comes to help I'd clear trails on Saturday, but not doing it by myself anymore. Frank
  13. 525rider

    Mount Clifty Midnight Full Moon Ride July

    Very romantic:)
  14. 525rider

    Some Lake Wenatchee area info

    Any updates on trail conditions and Goose Creek?
  15. 525rider

    Pipe dent fixing

    You probably have no idea about it! It takes around 70 psi and acetylene torch to get it yellow hot, if you do it little more it is going to burst in your face!