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  1. Bobbykor

    question on 2005 xr400 motard

    Hi, nobody own a Xr400 motard here?
  2. Bobbykor

    question on 2005 xr400 motard

    Hi guys, Is there any after market performance cdi for 2005 Honda Xr400 motard? Not the cdi for the older model xr400 because the socket is different?
  3. Bobbykor

    question on 2005 xr400 motard

    And by the way I am using the 99 model exhaust system on this bike also.
  4. Hi guys need help on my 05 xr400 motard from current xr400 motard owner. What is the max rpm u can achieve on this bike? I getting rpm reading of max 7680rpm front my hour meter install. I max out at 7680. I have convert the cylinder block and head to the older xr400 part equiped with a pumper 36mm. After I manage to start my bike . When I rev I can only reach my max rpm @ 7680. Are there other xr400 motard owner facing this problem? My older model xr400 can rev up to 9000rpm instead. Did I make a mistake in getting this newer model xr400 motard. Is there anyway I can solve this issue and make it perform like a older model xr400? Please help....
  5. Bobbykor

    07 KX250F Leaking water

    Thanks guys problem solved it's the dirt and water from washing the bike. Just check it and it is dry up and no more seeping of water already.
  6. Bobbykor

    07 KX250F Leaking water

    After my friend start to dig the dirt inside then water start to seep out .
  7. Bobbykor

    07 KX250F Leaking water

    Guys pls help... My buddy 07 KX250F is leaking from the small hole on the right hand side of the cylinder. Pls see the attached pic. What is wrong and what need to Be done?
  8. Bobbykor

    anyone seen side panels like these?

    That is a xr400sm side cover same as mine.
  9. Bobbykor

    Vapor tech rpm issue with aftermarket CDI

    Hi guys I tried both method by hardwired and coil around the Spark plug wire. Both give me false reading. I only have this problem When I plug the AMR stage 3 CDI. My stock CDI works fine. By the way what do you mean by tach output? There is no instruction for it too. Anyone using this CDI on his Xr4 and using a vapor meter also?
  10. Hi guys, I just install my vapor tech meter on my xr400. Currently using stock CDI. My RPM reading seem normal. But when I plug my AMR stage 3 CDI my RPM reading go haywire. The reading doesn't response according the the bike. Do any of you have the same issue when usig aftermarket CDI.
  11. Bobbykor

    XR 400 Top End Noise

    If all fails... Change your bike...
  12. Bobbykor

    Mikuni Pumper Carb XR 400

    My mikuni pumper carb work well on my Xr. Only needed one kick to start it most of the time, the most 2-3. Nv have to use choke at all.
  13. Bobbykor

    Mikuni pumper idle problems?

    Hi, I am using a mikuni pumper also. When I just started the bike my idling was like 1200. But once the engine is warm up. The idling rose to 1650. Is it normal?