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  1. I have a 12 and it's a great bike. There is nothing like the feeling of a new bike, however the 09 is great too. I still haven't tried the adjustable foot pegs and now have a new triple clamp so can't try the adjustable handle bars. You can get as lot of good riding out of that 09 especially as a C rider. No disrespect meant
  2. I have a 12 450 and it is setup for mx/gp. Talk to Diane she is great
  3. It's literally a five minute job
  4. It comes with an owners manual not a service manual
  5. Ya. They're awesome and great customer service!
  6. Acerbis makes a nice black one its $30 plus the $30 for the adaptor
  7. Use an air compressor. Let the pressure build up and use a small air nozzle and sliightly lift the inside of the grip up and insert the air nozzle. Hold the grip while turning air on. It should come off pretty easy. This is how I've always done it
  8. I have a 12' I wonder could this be an issue with these as well and do I need to remove the flywheel?
  9. I had an 08 that I was on the fence about selling to get a new bike also. Well, I bought a 2012 and could not be happier. I absolutely love my new bike.
  10. Precision concepts! off box springs road. awesome place great customer service!
  11. Hey guys I have a 2012 kx450f and am looking for a desert tank for it. I have checked IMS and acerbis but they only have them up to 2011. Will they fit a 2012? any help is appreciated
  12. Ok, I have a 2012 kx450f. I was born without the second joint in my left hand for my fingers. I can pull the clutch in good when I somewhat pull my hand forward from the bars. I am looking for a clutch lever with a lot of adjustment to bring the clutch lever closer to the bars. If I cant find what I'm looking for I am just going to buy a rekluse. Thanks for the help
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