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  1. Tied up an old dry bag using bungee cords - no rack needed!
  2. Do you think an XR600 tank bag will fit nicely on an XR400?
  3. Had exactly this problem - easy fix, adjust the float level as per previous instructions. Somehow, the vibrations or previous misconfiguration have contributed to the problem.
  4. I have tried to spray my current stock tank to black but the results were outrageous to say the least, with spray bubbles appearing a couple of days later. I have been lurking on ebay and the likes but cannot manage to find a decent black (preferably all black with minor graphics) tank cover. The closest I found is from a guy in argentina but it is for an XR600 so I am afraid the fit will not be as good. I am also considering replacing the tank completely, if there is a black variation of it (even larger version). Any tips?
  5. Hi guys, I did a quick search to look for compatibility of plastics between xr250 and the xr400 but yielded to results. Specifically, I have a 1999 XR400, what parts are compatible from his younger brother? A friend of mine is a machinist, so making new brackets to fit is also an option... Thanks!
  6. Not sure whether I can post "Wanted" posts here, but didn't find any other suitable place. Basically I am looking for just the guard part of the stock exhaust headers as it fell off, preferably with both bolts. Let me know who sells them (used/cheap)! Thanks
  7. Finished the paint job "Urban Assault XR400"
  8. I read threads and threads explaining how easy it is to install a flasher unit for LED indicators with no battery. So I got the requirements and managed to find an A/C flasher unit and is on its way from UK... I would like to understand how to wire the can. From the diagrams I have seen, I need to connect the positive to the parallel circuitry of the LEDs, and the negative to the positive of the "battery". Which bit is the battery if I don't have the battery? Pictures might be helpful! Thanks!
  9. The wheels are not a direct swap. I need to fabricate a spacer, but that will be arranged soon. Eventually I will request the machinist to fit them in a way that I can swap back and forth. Thanks for the insight
  10. This looks good!!! If you put a tutorial video I would be interested!!!
  11. The prodigal son is back to the XR400. I abandoned it completely in the last year but I missed it a lot. A friend of mine has sold me for very cheap, two motard wheels which he used for his old XR. It was such a good deal that I couldn't resist, even if I would never put them on the bike. The question is quite simple - to motard or not to motard. I have metzeler dual sport wheels which I really like. I do not mind feeling on a high chair - it has its perks. But I miss the cornering of a motard. I use the roads almost 90% of the time, but I would like to have the occasional light trail fun (or pavement jumping!). Thoughts please!
  12. sprocket size i have - 15:43...i guess that's a smaller ration than the standard. PS: will definitely post some pics
  13. Getting myself a set of motard wheels from another XR400 this evening, and really excited as I am getting them at a great price. I intend to keep the same rotor, brake and sprockets till i get some extra cash. Do you think it will be a problem for the short term? For the long term, what specs should I look at in terms of sprockets and front brake? Kudos!
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