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  1. Hello, I want to remove the water pump impellor on my crf450. I removed the cover today and tried turning on the bolt inside but it simply turned the motor over and would not come loose. What do I need to do to get this impellor loose? Thanks.
  2. Picked up this 01 yz426 from a car dealer in town. It actually came from the 2nd owner and looks like it's been taken pretty good care of. I changed the oil and cleaned and oiled the air filter, before taking it to my lake house and riding it a couple of hours. Mechanically, it seems perfect. Starts in 1 or 2 kicks every time, no smoke or any other issues. After 4 hours, the oil still looks brand new. I paid $1000 for it, do you think I got a decent deal? By the way I won't actually be racing it just taking it on the trails.
  3. Cpriest10

    Jets on a 2005 yz450?

    What pilot and main jet should I go with now. The bike came from way north of me, and I have no idea what jets are in it now
  4. Stock yz450. Elevation is about 3300 ft. 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Little to no humidity. What would be the best jets to buy pilot and main? It doesn't idle and runs rough now, just bought it and it came from out of this area. Any other advice? Thanks in advance
  5. Cpriest10

    2006 kx250f oil seal?

    Also what kind of grease do I need to use on the new seal?
  6. Cpriest10

    2006 kx250f oil seal?

    Ok do I have to take the seal off to get to the orings? Is it any quicker to just do them?
  7. Cpriest10

    2006 kx250f oil seal?

    Surely someone has done this??
  8. Cpriest10

    2006 kx250f oil seal?

    So I'm leaking oil from behind front sprocket so I think it's oil seal. Can anyone take me step through step on the procedures of changing it. And what parts do I need. Never done anything like this before. Thanks!
  9. Cpriest10

    New KTM 300 MXC oil change

  10. Cpriest10

    New KTM 300 MXC oil change

    Hey I just got a new(to me) 1999 ktm 300 mxc. I was wanting to change the oil. I was wondering if anyone could walk me through the procedures and amounts. Also what oil would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  11. Cpriest10

    300 Pictures

    p99 ktm 300 mxc
  12. Ok so for the past few years, I have used a Big Tex 16 ft dual axle utility trailer to haul my bikes and quads. However, recently I have sold all of the bikes and was wondering if there was anyway to modify my trailer to accomodate 4 quads. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks. Also, the measurements of the trailer are 16' by 77" and the rail is 14 inches high(too high to just ride over). The attachment is identical to my trailer.
  13. Cpriest10

    Trx400ex oil dipstick level?

    So I was in the process of changing my oil for the first time and stopped pouring when the oil tank became suddenly full. Only put in about 1.6 qts. Haven't started it because I'm afraid there is too much oil. Should I start it first or drain some out to a certain level on the dipstick? Thanks
  14. Cpriest10

    Pics of Your 450....

    My new crf450