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  1. Ih8Hondas

    Darryn Durham still smokin

    Really sucks DD got injured so much once he finally got good rides. Dude has always been fast as hell and he deserved every bit of what Mitch and TLD could provide him. Just sucks he couldn't keep himself off the injured list. I'm not a Honda fan, obviously, but I always loved watching him make a lot of the top team riders look silly on that privateer Honda. Really glad to see him still enjoying riding and making badass vids though. Moto will miss him when he hangs up the boots.
  2. Ih8Hondas


    When it happens to me with certain ribs it feels like I'm getting stabbed in the back when I try to take a deep breath (shallow breaths are usually fine, but at a certain point the rib moves just right and it feels like someone twisting a knife and it takes my breath away) and when I bend or stretch I can feel the end of the rib moving around near my spine. It feels gross. The ribs themselves aren't sore at all since they haven't taken a hit hard enough to even bruise the skin. Some people (like me) are just loose jointed. I have to be careful with how I lift things or my shoulders will pop out of socket, even with relatively light stuff. I can't throw a baseball properly without the shoulder popping out either. Just jumping on a trampoline has put my ribs out before. It's really annoying. My bones are fine though. I've had orthopedists remark on how dense my bones are. He may be one of those people.
  3. Ih8Hondas

    Will there be another 2 Stankin' series this summer?

    It's basically the same thing, just faster.
  4. Ih8Hondas


    That's good then. My ribs slip out all the time, and depending on which ones are out and how bad it is, it really can make it very difficult to breathe. Bright side is that they're easy for an osteopath to slap back in. Regular docs will just give you muscle relaxers and tell you to let them slip back in on their own, which doesn't always work.
  5. Ih8Hondas

    Will there be another 2 Stankin' series this summer?

    Using that logic, a tv show should die after one season. We shouldn't go racing after we've done one series because it's been done.
  6. Ih8Hondas

    Will there be another 2 Stankin' series this summer?

    He didn't have to on the 125. The Vurb series followed him the entire season and he never got a single top 10. Often had to qualify through the LCQ.
  7. I noticed Stank Dog was on a 250SX yesterday. Really hoping he has someone to document his season since Vurb is no more. The series they did with him on the 125 was amazing.
  8. Ih8Hondas

    Cornering in sand...

    Also, never forget to squeeze with your knees in whoops of any kind. Knees and entry speed are the two most important things in whoops.
  9. Ih8Hondas

    Best Final Lap In A Long Time

    Those last two laps were just a case of who could bork things the least. Haha. Track was beat to hell. Made for some amazing racing and some nasty crashes.
  10. Ih8Hondas

    New YZ65

    Kickstarter and the fact that it has a power valve when the 85 hasn't even gotten one after years of lagging in that department.
  11. Ih8Hondas

    96 YZ250. Rebuilding top end. Few questions..

    There's no crosshatching whatsoever and the coating is worn through. It's pretty toast.
  12. Ih8Hondas

    New YZ65

    This really looks 'shopped to me.
  13. Ih8Hondas

    96 YZ250. Rebuilding top end. Few questions..

    Yeah, that cylinder looks roasted. Time for a replate or a replace.
  14. Ih8Hondas

    2018 Monster Energy Houston SX Bench Racing - Rd 2

    That's odd. You would think with J Bone as a team manager they would have plenty of expertise on setup.
  15. Ih8Hondas

    Anderson should feel horrible

    I still think Cianciarulo is the best press conference guy in sx/mx. It's not even close really. He keeps things light and has fun with them. All the 450 guys are boring in the pressers.