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  1. So, I removed the head light,unplugged the wiring and did some rerouting. Came up with this,less kinking of the wiring harness when you turn the bars.
  2. Has anyone rerouted this wiring harness around the steering lock? If so let's see a picture of how you did it. 2018 300RR.
  3. What kind of filter oil do you use?
  4. Mine was one full turn in from flush.
  5. I have a 2018 beta 300RR with the stock gas tank. I wanted to take a look at the spark plug after the first ride to see what it looked like.I ended up taking the gas tank off to get acces to it. Are 2017 and older 300's this hard to get to the spark plug or is it a 2018 new frame design?
  6. Has anyone cut their stock bars down on a 2017 300rr for tight trails? If so how much did you take off and still have room for all the controls to still fit and use aluminum hand guards too?
  7. So,why even change them if they are the same as stated? What would the differance be?
  8. I have a 2012,set up for trail riding. 175 mj 45 pj necw-#2,ajust air screw as needed.Yamalube r2 40:1 blue turbo 110 octane fuel stock slide,stock squish,stock power jet,sea level to 1200ft.40-80 degrees. I to just bought a necj after reading many posts. I going to start out with 45pj 170mj necj-#3 and go from there. The necw ran well,nice plug color,no spooge no detonation,good throttle response.
  9. With the above jetting do you have your squish corrected?
  10. What elevation,air temp,fuel and fuel ratio are you using the 40-42 pj and the 168 mj?
  11. Thanks motodisiac.
  12. I have a 2016 wr 450 with the competition kit installed and was thinking of putting a aftermarket silencer on it. Then a saw that there is a GYTR quiet performance wr muffler insert offered by Yamaha. Does anyone know if the insert is any different in performance than the un corked stock silencer?
  13. Devol.Kind of pain to install,but has good protection and has held up well.
  14. Has anyone had Stillwater performance revalve/respring their x trainer? If so how did it work?
  15. I have a 2012 yz 250,with a pro.Tryed the recommended rekluse setting,then tried the low/hard setting and went with it.Tryed it with and without a GYTR 8oz.flywheel weight,and left the weight on.14-52 gearing and ride single track.Never had the pro squeal before.