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  1. lethalweapon100

    Tell me about the 2002 YZ426F - Track worthy?

    I mean riding it on an mx track, not actually racing. The KX is kinda old and I don't like to rip it wide open, plus it needs some work, and this guy is offering straight trade. Another guy just offered me an 01 in better shape with factory connection suspension, again straight trade. Thinking I might just go for it and if I don't like it trade up again.
  2. Hi everyone! Long time ttalk user, first time on the yamaha form. Im looking to trade my current machine (98 KX250, heavily set up for woods) for a more track friendly bike. I want to get into track riding. I got offered an (apparently) rebuilt 2002 YZ426F. I asked for reciepts. Anyway, I always thought these were more heavy woods bikes, but i dont really know. Are these bikes any good on the track? Anything to know about these bikes before I go look at it? Thanks all.
  3. lethalweapon100

    CRF250 No start after lots of work

    Ill check for spark, and ill even try the old plug. I will also do those things.
  4. lethalweapon100

    CRF250 No start after lots of work

    Bump. Pls halp
  5. lethalweapon100

    CRF250 No start after lots of work

    Hey all, so some background, my buddies 05 CRF250R has rolled into my shop for the millionth time. This time, though, its fighting me. Hard. The last time the bike ran was when it was parked in mid-2015. It was not properly winterized or prepped for storage - at all. The gas was even left on. A few weeks before it was parked, I shimmed the valves for the last time they could be shimmed. The shims were getting too small for comfort, and valve clearance became grossly out of spec much faster than usual. I told him this. Fast forward to May 2016, and he brings it to me and asks me to chip away at working on it. See if I can get it to run so he can try to trade it. He didn't ride it anymore, so I've been taking my sweet time working on it. I started out by shimming the f*cked valves to the best of my ability, and an intake valve was 0'd out. Meaning no clearance whatsoever. I cleaned the carb, replaced the gas with fresh 91 non ethanol, and put it back together just to see if it would fire with the f*cked valves. I reeeeeally didn't feel like putting a head on this thing. Yeah, dumb move on my part, i'm lazy. Well it didn't fire, but it did backfire a few times. Considering the valves were shot, I figured that was the only thing holding me back. Fast forward to this past week, I replaced the head with one from an identical 05 CRF250R, his cousin had a spare with good valves in it. It was replaced with a race head, but it was still good. I also cleaned the carb again and changed the oil just to be damn sure that nothing would prevent this bike from running. I reassembled it, properly shimmed the valves (clearances dead on) and timed it up. 100% sure the timing is correct, and 100% sure the valve clearances are correct. 100% sure the carb was properly cleaned and reassembled. Every fastner torqued to spec. Fresh head gasket. I paid very close attention. Also brand new spark plug, the expensive one. Welp, wha da ya know, it didnt even fire tonight when I tried to start it. I'm stumped, I know its getting gas. I tilted it to the left til it pissed a little bit. Choke on, no throttle, good strong kicks. I don't get it, what could be holding me back? The only thing I can think of is maybe my throttle position sensor is not adjusted correctly, what resistance is it supposed to read and at what throttle position is it supposed to read it? Any other suggestions? I'm all ears. Thanks all. P.S. I'm new to the CRF Fourm but this is NOT my time working in depth on a CRF at all. Also full time auto mechanic, so i'm not just some putz with a wrench.
  6. lethalweapon100

    Head Gasket Thickness

    Hey all, 1998 KX250. Been a long while since i've posted. Gained a lot of responsibilities and lost a lot of free time, so my bike doesn't come out as often as I would like. However, when I regeared and tested it out last weekend, I blew a head gasket. Thats alright, its been 2-3 years since it was replaced, and its a simple fix. Looking on rockymountainatvmc, they list a .26" thick head gasket and a .46" head gasket, with .46" listed as an option. After some google-fu, I see that .46" was stock size, and .26" will raise compression and require a higher octane fuel. Is this correct? If so, I may invest in the .26" thick gasket. The reason I post is because they never specified how high of an octane rating. I run 93 Non-Ethanol with Maxima 2 Smoke oil at 32:1. Is 93 high enough for .26", or should I just buy the stock ,46" thick gasket? Thanks all. Ride on
  7. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Not really, no. Not trails at least. Everyone says drive up to the adk's and get a CATRA membership but thats expensive if you dont ride a lot in the season. There's nice tracks around here, Parker MX in Greenwich is a nice track. Open practice every thurs and sun in the summer. Theres a few more around here that are an hour-ish away.
  8. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Around the saratoga area.
  9. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    I ride in a lot of sand. They've got 2 seasons and they're just not that worn. Im not lying or making this up, ive got no reason to. They have at least 96% tread and they've barely even lost their edge.
  10. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Thats the thing, my tires already are brand new. They've got less than 2 full seasons on them Sounds good, thanks for the advice.
  11. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Watched that video and immediately posted on the Facebook pages for local riders ISO 2 used tires. Once we get some good deep snow you bet ill be ordering studs.Edit: screws dammit. Not studs. My bad.
  12. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Whats the tapcon trick?
  13. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Im going to go with screws then. Id rather have removable screws. I dont really know what im putting into my tires yet.
  14. lethalweapon100

    Studding tires

    Hi all. Ive decided I might want to invest in studs to ride in winter. Here in NY theres not a whole lot of snow right now, just hard ground, and in some spots theres a few inches of snow and ice. Ive heard studs might pull out if they hit solid ground. What do you reccomend? Is it possible to take the studs out once I'm done, too? To only use one set of tires?
  15. lethalweapon100

    Where to ride around Clifton Park/Saratoga NY?