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    03 Wieght

    Hey Pyroted, I think if you look at how huge the WR kickstands are, and consider that the YZ450 is a 4 speed instead of a 6 like the WR, and also consider that the pipe on the WR is probably the heaviest pipe made since about 1980, while the YZ has a lighter titanium header and such, I think you will find that a 20 lb. difference is being generous. I actually asked the Yamaha rep about the weight and was told to add about 7 lbs. onto the claimed weight, then ad some more for fluids as they spec the bikes totally dry....minus about 7 lbs..... Seems wierd that a Yamaha rep would say that but I know that all of the manufacturers do it. Some more than others. My wife rides Yamahas and I am really impressed with how tough her 250F has been. So I was totally stoked to see that the WR line was getting the E start, and a new seat/tank and diet, ready to buy myself a blue one....I was pretty disappointed with the weight of the '03 WR250F. Still waiting for a $3.50 part for my KTM..... Blue just keeps looking better and better.
  2. helmetcam_guy

    helmet cam

    I may have a TON of parts available for building helmet cams. Our rental supply ws pretty much wiped out from a fire on New Years Day and we have been in the process of suing insurance companies etc. I can probably help out who ever needs it. I just need to see what parts I was actually able to salvage. Anyone serious about building their own units, feel free to send me an email and I will do what I can. I will sell whatever parts for a huge discount just to get rid of them. cydoniahelmetcam@mindspring.com [ August 14, 2002: Message edited by: helmetcam guy ]
  3. helmetcam_guy

    03 Wieght

    I am not sure about the WR 450, but I messed around the the WR 250F at the Washougal Nationals...I picked the thing off of the stand....man what a heavy tank the 250F was!...I thought I must have just grabbed it wrong, so I did it a few more times...NOPE! That thing has to weigh more than my '01 KTM 520EXC. I can't imagine how heavy the 450F will be! Also, on the left side there is a quick access air filter cover and no grab handle like there is on the right side. That would make it a bike more awkward to pic up if you were standing on the right side of the bike....... Me and the Yamaha rep that was there were speculating as to why they didn't have a grab handle....he thought that it was because it would be a straight shot right into the air box from the grab handle....After we removed the side cover, that didn't appear to be the case. I was really bummed that the 250 weighed so much. That would put the 450 into Volks Wagon bus weight category! I was really looking forward to buying a lighter bike that I could actually get parts for! Looks like I will be keeping the KTM for another year.....and that is actually ok........
  4. helmetcam_guy

    Would the WR-250 be to much for her?

    It is a bit different but my wife has the YZ250F. We shaved the seat foam and it works great for her for MX but because the bike carries its weight pretty high (even higher on the WR) it is a handful for her in the woods. It is also quite heavy. The WR just weighs alot, has a weird seat/tank junction, and is more finicky to start than the 426. My wife is an expert rider (MX and woods) and is 5'3", 120lbs..... Her bike is too much in the woods.......Just my two cents from a guy that spends way too much time setting up his wifes bikes!
  5. helmetcam_guy

    Just rode a crf450

    I totally agree with you Big R. Rode today and actually had a tear in my eye after loading up the old box van (sniff) Funnest bike every made...except for the stiff petcock.....and the seat cover...
  6. helmetcam_guy

    Everyone be careful!!

    I am so with all of you guys! (And Girl)....I go to the MX races every weekend so my wife can race and everyone asks me why I don't race mx. I just say that in the woods, if I hit a tree it is my fault, I don't have some bozo landing on top of my when I don't huck a 50 foot double....Ever watch a 250 beginner class? That is why I don't do MX! Hey Dirt Girl! [ February 26, 2002: Message edited by: helmetcam guy ]
  7. helmetcam_guy

    what pipe is the best for the 250F>?

    The BBR pipe comes with the exhuast plus 2 headers and a removeable spark arrestor. It's pretty loud, but it shaved weight and the power gain was incredible. Tried the Dr.D first, but the power gains were most impressive with the BBR. Have ridden bikes with the Big Gun and E-Series and they are not nearly as fast as my wife's 250F. This has just been my experience.....
  8. helmetcam_guy

    Race Fuel

    We tried C12 race gas in my wife's 250F and it ran great-for awhile. Then it gummed up the works and wouldn't run at all. We stick with pump fuel and have had no more problems. The best performance enhancer we have had was the aftermarket exhaust-the bike seemed to even start better after we put it on. So far, all the info we have on the "F's" say to not bother with race fuel and we noticed no performance increase with it anyway(when the bike was actually running..).
  9. helmetcam_guy

    Valve mods ??? On Ebay????

    Chris, I have resprung my bike ('01 520EXC) and I am pretty sure that I have the right springs. My wife actually got them for me for Christmas and never got any paperwork.......so I am not 100% sure....but pretty sure. I am still having some trouble with the fork feeling like it is riding too high in the stroke, and not soaking up the small stuff at all. Will check the oil level this weekend as I know that can be a problem on these bikes. The back is going down too far in relation to the front....makes turning a bike with alot of hp kind of a vague science......and scary at times. So I cranked up the compression and it is better but now the front end pushes. I have set up alot of bikes for pro MX riders and some woods guys etc...so I am not new at this. I am, however, new to doing it on KTMs. Should I try the ebay kit or just go strait for the gold valves? I am a big guy at 250lbs. and 5'11" How much of a difference did the Gold Valves make to the feel of the fork?
  10. There is some talk on that other board of a guy that is selling a revalve kit for the KTMs on Ebay. Everyone that has used it says it works great and is easy to install. I was told the cost on it is about $37! Has anyone here used this? I am anxious to try this cheap fix for the harshness.
  11. I have been running the Dumonde YAP 400 in my wifes 250F for a while with exceptional results. My local KTM shop recommended that I run it in the 520EXC...has anyone used this oil and what type of luck did you have with it? We ride about 3 times a week and was really amazed at how well it held up in the Yamahardtostart. I am wondering if it will work as well in my bike.....anyone?????
  12. Would have loved to have been there as I have ridden that area before but alas.....I am too far away. Please let us know how the meeting turns out....
  13. helmetcam_guy

    520SX or CR450

    A buddy of mine just sold his 450F to get a 520SX after riding my KTM520. He actually had problems with the cylinder and piston on the 450. Not a good thing. Don't see folks with very many problems in this forum here now do ya?....just another observation.
  14. Don't know about adding one of these to the KTM.....But the Vortex dual ignition kicks serious ass on my wifes '01 YZF250. Huge difference.