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  1. So since the carb is off, what #s do you suggest for the jets and clip position?
  2. Scrolled through the threads and the numbers are all over the place as far as what others use. Per the picture of my spark plug and you saying it looks like pre ignition...wouldn't that be caused from a lean condition? So going smaller on the jets would make it worse no?
  3. Got a 2000 carb. According to RM the sizes I listed are all the OEM sizes for it.
  4. Ok, finally got some free time and pulled the carb. Needle says 53-75 and is in the 3rd spot from top. Main jet says 350 and pilot jet says 35. Any ideas where I should start since it has the 144 kit. Elevation here in the desert is about 2700 ft
  5. Ok I will pull carb and check the jet sizes and clip location this weekend. What does it look like it needs? The manual says the plug will be rich during the break in process
  6. Well got a carb finally, cleaned it up and put it on. Fired ththe bike up and adjusted idle. So I did the break in process for the new top end, noticed its sputtering about between 1/4-3/4 throttle. Somewhere around mid. It has a 144 kit on it, elevation here is 2700 ft. Forgot to see what size jets are in it but will next time I take it out. Here's a pic of the plug after break in procedure. Any thoughts off the hesitation and plug?
  7. Well, good thing I took it off. Cylinder looks fine but with cylinder off, rotating the crank I can feel the bearings catching..almost like they are a little rusted if that makes sense. Not sure if it's the main bearings or rod bearing. Being an 03..not sure if I should bother tearing it all the way down for a complete rebuild or just part it out.
  8. Ok I will go ahead and pull it. I already have all new gaskets, bought a water pump kit and full engine gasket kit
  9. Starting to dig into my 03 250f project I picked up. Had a lot of coolant in oil, I'm going to replace the water pump gasket,seals and bearing, and the head gasket as well to eliminate the source. Got it tore down to the head, should I take the additional bolt off and replace the base gasket as well? If I do, would I then need to replace the rings? PO said he put a new piston in, which everyone says but it looked pretty good. Wiped it down lightly with some cleaner and it cleaned right up. Tearing it down visually..everything looked fine other than the milky oil.
  10. So I'm back to needing a carb for my 99. Cant seem to find one on ebay that doesnt have a worn out slide. Can I get any other carb? Found a mikuni tmx 36 flat carb on ebay...will this fit? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222789593887
  11. I dug through my emails and emailed the guy. Guess it was off a 2013 yz125. Thanks for the help
  12. Yeah my original carb has 5et on it and the slide is 6.5. The guy I bought it from on here said it would fit but it doesnt
  13. Ok, so if I put it up for sale I should just list it as 05+ yz125 carb? The slide in it is a 4.0 not sure if that helps identify which model it is
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