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  1. KX25O

    who's stoked for the 2019 Kx450

    The only difference is it will be smoother and of better quality ­čśë
  2. KX25O

    Should I trade

    Haha, I'd jump on that deal quickly mate!!
  3. KX25O

    KTM 300 vs 250

    .5 of a pound equals nothing in real world terms, with your backpack with tyre levers,tubes, co2, water..you would stop and lose more weight having a piss ­čśé
  4. KX25O

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    I too had a yz426 and my mate still has his, i reckon they are one of the greatest dirt bikes made! I came so close to buying a new 300 2t because they are all the rage, i did a test ride day and rode a heap of different stuff and i just couldn't wipe the smile off my face on the YZ 450 FX, so i just ran with that!
  5. KX25O

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    Both types of bikes you mentioned have their good and bad attributes, it comes down to what you prefer to ride, if you were racing enduro every weekend you wouldn't go past a 300 2 stroke, if you like trail riding with mates a new 450 is great fun, if you are a decent rider it won't matter the bike, properly jetted 2 strokes get pretty much the same milage as a four stroke, i just went and got the new Yz 450 FX , so like an xc but a four stroke, i find this thing to be much more fun than the 2 strokes I've owned and ridden, but everone like their cup of tea different!
  6. KX25O

    Impossible to whip!!

    Haha now that is great!
  7. This is 2 or so hours riding on my 2017 Yz450 Fx..oil is still nice and clear mate..
  8. The Husaberg FE570 will outshine the Husky TE510 in pretty much every situation, The TE is still a formidable machine, but it's somewhat doughy and the suspension is not as good as the Berg.
  9. It's not just dead weight, it's rotating mass that wears you out.
  10. I'm pretty keen for a new 2T, regardless of weather the the Beta or KTM weighs half a boot full of water more than the other, I reckon it's the AER forks on the 17 KTM that interests me the most!
  11. Mate you have hit the nail on the head, I can't wait to buy one of these new 2 stroke enduro machines, I ride an 03 WR450 on single track, it pretty much takes care of all my gym requirements.
  12. Pine is never good outdoors in the rain and sun, you will be wasting your time in my opinion especially if you wash your bikes off on the trailer!
  13. KX25O

    Riding in USA

    Yeah that's pretty hot for riding..yeah I'm not that excited about having a head on over a sand dune with someone.. Riding near the coast does sound awesome tho haha! I always forget how shit riding in hot weather is as we are smack bang in the middle of winter.. This was what it was like riding yesterday