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  1. texasthierry

    2018 KTM 50 SX Stalls in Wet or Muddy Conditions

    The carbs overflow hoses are getting clogged by the mud and the carb is not pressurized anymore. I use a Y fitting to route 1 hose under the tank.
  2. texasthierry

    Suspension for MX and Hare Scrambles

    And you don't need the same behavior in sand or groom track? The difference is you can ride to a certain level / speed with too much rebound damping in sand or groom track but you can't in rocky trail. I see a lot of bike at the track with too much rebound damping. They turn better but get busy on rough braking zone at the end of the day. To slow down the rebound and turn faster you can use the front brake and keep the forks moving in bumps. Rebound is linked to sprung/unsprung weight and spring rate, that doesn't change much from track to track (except if mud is involved).
  3. texasthierry

    Suspension for MX and Hare Scrambles

    Rebound should be the same for MX or trails.
  4. texasthierry

    Fluid Displacement

    Yes for less damping on the rebound, I wasn't sure of this one so I gave a try on restackor. For the rod action think about a close bottle, the bigger the rod you try to enter in this close volume the harder it will be. The basevalve is there to let the rod enter and manage the amount of resistance.
  5. texasthierry

    Play in front forks

    I'm not a fan of shimming the bushing and till now I have always rework bushes for more play. Till now because I got a 50 Cobra for my son and it had so much play you could feel it when braking giving a loose feeling (and no leak). I shimmed both bush and they now feel normal.
  6. texasthierry


    No I'm not talking about these ones and yes they should be removed. I'm talking about the check valve at the top of the cartridge that allow the outside pressure to flow in the rebound chamber and avoid cavitation.
  7. texasthierry


    Agree with Numroe except for the weight saving on the Ø8mm rod. Suspension company came from 80% basevalve damping (check valve on the mid) to more mid damping (float plus stack) for a better control. I think WP went too far in this concept with the 4CS and the Ø8mm rod. The main reason is pressure balance and the attempt to control it with the check valve failed (cheap solution by the way).
  8. texasthierry

    Tuning advice

    It will depends of the needle shape, bleed size and mm/clicks but if it is well engineered it should be in between 8 and 15. I don't say to not go other that but if the bike feel better at 4 or 19 for example it can be an indication that it could be improved internally. The basevalve should definitely never be too much open to control the ride high (that's why some tuners use a bleed stack).
  9. texasthierry

    Tuning advice

    Just looking at your setting I think you are way off or the revalve is fu**ed up. Suspensions need bleed on the midvalve and to rebound, the forks cannot work with the rebound fully closed. Springs need preload for traction, at least 3-4 mm. The shock setting looks unbalance, firm on the midvalve (-8) and very soft on the basevalve (-3 and -26), sounds like a cavitation machine. I would start over. Be sure you have the right springs, fresh oil, preload your springs, and put all the clickers at 12. Ride and play with clickers, if you end up in extreme position (clickers and/or you ) you need a revalve. For your spring preload, if you have an external adjustment and it is at 0 maybe your springs are still preload. It is measurements you have to do while it is appart. On my WP OC I do set the preload at 3mm with external adjusters at 0.
  10. texasthierry


    Several threads on KTM Talk about the 4CS. I'm convinced they can work great without the big bucks...
  11. texasthierry

    AER 48 rebound

    Unless you are completely off, body position and throttle control make a bigger difference in cornering than clickers. The throttle will unbalance the bike more than any Sag/float/bleed/Reb setting...
  12. texasthierry

    Beta 250rr showa valving

    Float explanation, GOOGLE is powerful
  13. texasthierry

    Beta 250rr showa valving

    The 1st 19mm shim doesn't cover completely the piston ports, it creates a permanent leak (bleed). A more conventional stack starts with 30mm shims. Like Mog said, test as is and you will know better what to do next.
  14. texasthierry

    what float do you run at your woods bike

    Because you stay higher in the stroke when you hit a bump. A well set forks/shock will use the very minimum travel necessary to absorb the obstacle.