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    Best front and rear tire for TTR50E

    I posted reply to this in the old forums with pics... just wanted to follow up on the Michelin Starcross tires on the TTR50. After three visits to the track, and several hours of riding around in field near our house - particularly yesterday when it was a bit muddy - the new tires outperformed way above an beyond my wildest expectations. They have also held up much better than expected - I had read reviews that they would wear quickly, but they still have the tittys on them... Of course, experience my son has gained has probably helped the most in regards to handeling - the new Michelin Starcross (2.75 in the rear, 2.5 in front - with new tubes) made a HUGE improvement in the tires ability to clean out both mud on the track, the clay in the field behind our house, they helped in the sand, and he has not gone down in a corner since adding them. Yes, he has gone down a couple times while we are trying to teach him to shift - but that's not tires fault. They also just look better - giving the bike more of a dirt-bike appearance with the aggressive tire than the "toy bike" the stock tires gave. IMAG0734 by qartman, on Flickr In regards to the shifting - we've been trying to get him doing it, but twice he wiped out just trying too hard to shift and lost focus on keeping the bike upright, and once he hit is foot in the ground and dumped it. Tweaking the shifter height up and down, and trying a longer shifter - i think we're closer to success with the longer shifter set perfectly level with the pegs. Since he pretty much stays in 2nd gear, and 1st is a bit too tall anyways, I ordered a 35T rear sprocket to see if that will get him more intersted in starting in 1st and shifting to 2nd... we'll see. And - yes - On that note - he took the DRZ110 for a spin yesterday (it is an automatic with manual clutch kit) and did really well - sitting on a stand he can shift it (without the clutch) with no issue at all. The DRZ is still too heavy and a bit too tall of a bike for him to pick up if he lays it down, plus he has a tough time kick starting it - but I think we are done spending anymore money on the TTR50 since he'll outgrow it by summer for sure.
  2. Landho

    Carb Issues Please Help

    What kind of bike? New, Used? Does the behavior change with the choke or without the choke?? Check the plug, is it all wet?? (flooded?)
  3. Landho

    Odd Jetting issue

    Main Jet is ONLY used at 3/4 throttle and above... otherwise, below that you're carb is just spitting through pilot and needle. So, having replaced the main and you have problems at 3/4 throttle and above, it makes sense that the main is not setup properly for your other variables. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/howtojet.asp
  4. Landho


    pw grips are smaller... just as an example, search internet for Four Twelve Racing Pee Wee grips, or CRF50 grips, etc... a few choices out there if you need to replace yours
  5. Landho

    Need help please ...!

    Find the VIN (should be stamped on the side of the steering head tube somewhere), then go here: http://www.motoverse.com/tools/vin/yamaha.asp
  6. Landho

    TTR50E spark arrestor - 17CFM? LOL

    Talk about corked... just saw that the stock spark arrestor for the newer TTR50E (the YMS125A) is only rated to 17CFM... the older ones are rated at 39CFM... http://www.fs.fed.us/t-d/programs/fire/spark/gp_dsp.php?var=All For shits and grins I warmed the bike up, pulled the arrestor off, and the bike ran like crap - at least it sounds like crap... I suppose one of these little tips off of eBay http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=TTR50+tip+&_trksid=p5197.c0.m627 and a jet kit may actually make a bit of difference If there is an air/fuel adjustment on the carb, I haven't found it yet - don't plan to mess with it yet, but maybe in the future...
  7. Silly me... found the problem... Went over everything tonight - I spoke with the guy who helped me with the manual kit and we did (he actually did this part) install 3 HD springs and 3 new stock springs with the manual clutch kit, clutch plates were also replaced so they are all good, too. Still experiencing the problem - started a complete spot check of everything. He recommended I check the cable tension - UGH - that was it... the kids must have dinked with the manual clutch cable adjusters or we didn't tighten them down and they tightened themselves too tight (unlikely). Anyhow, realized that the clutch was partially engaged due to the cable being too tight... I minor and super simple adjustment there and the problem appears to be cured. Thanks for the advice though! Much appreciated
  8. Landho

    2012 TTR50 Ran with no oil

    Blargh, that absolutely sucks man. I hope the dealer works it all out for you. We just got our TTR50 the other day and it came with a delivery sheet that showed that both the seller and I had gone through a few points such as oil, filter, brakes working, tire pressure, and a few other minor things. Now - Based on what most of the other TTR50 posts recommend - I suppose I could say it is time for the big bore kit, but I won't. Excuse me for showing a bit of levity.. Let us know how it all works out please
  9. Landho

    Best front and rear tire for TTR50E

    Ordered Michelin Starcross today... 2.5-10 for front and 2.75-10 for rear... We'll see how it handles for him and let you know.
  10. Landho

    pw/ttr50 sticky - can go away?

    Admin: 2012 models are out... that thread can go away
  11. Landho

    Best front and rear tire for TTR50E

    Looking for some better tires - only had the bike a week for my son, and already we're looking at 12" front tires, and regardless if we can't go with a 12" up front - we definitely want wider/more agressive rears. Shit... he's got the rebuilt/souped up DRZ110 he'll be grown into in six months or less, I sure don't want to spend much on this TTR50, but they sell these with pretty crappy tires.
  12. 2005 DRZ110, manaul clutch kit, 4th gear... bbr intake, some exhaust jewelry (think it is BBR or FMF), and carb re-jetted.... New valves & springs, compression tested great, complete "tune up" and basic overhaul (not too much done because all else tested great and motor runs great) Sometimes it gets NO compressio when kick starting... have to put it 1st or 2nd and rock it back and forth, or try to kick start it while in gear. We all know to NEVER EVER try to kick start it with the clutch held in with this manual clutch kit... and, even when I am certain that hasn't happened, the issue still occurs. Just wondering if any of you have ever experienced this issue and may have some tips about what we can check out - perhaps a bad spring or something loose. I really don't want to tear it all apart again for this gremlin, if I don't have to... Thanks.
  13. Landho

    HELP - Newbie - TTR50 Rear Spring change...

    I just bought the TTR50 for my son two days ago - focusing on intake and jet mods as the next step (once he learns to shift, or we mod the shifter - shifting this little bish is hard)... so I don't have personal experience with the TTR50 shock. However, maybe take a look at other MFG instructions - such as Two Brothers for the Honda XR50 - may help you along http://www.twobros.com/Cust_Service/Install_Inst/Hon_XR50R_Rear_Shock_Spring_Instructions.pdf That said - You must be pushing more than 160... I am 160 - sure - I bottom it out jumping it, but not just putting around - it is a TTR50 for goodness sakes!!! If you are flatteing it out that much, you may next need to consider more heavy duty spokes - one big bump and the stock ones will be toasted.
  14. Landho

    05 price

    I just bought my son a 2005 DR-Z110 w/ manual clutch kit in great condition, custom shift lever, brand-new never scuffed black plastic - paid $700 I spent another $600 having it worked over at a shop (new spring and adjustment on manual clutch, compression tested, new chain, replaced missing chain guard, valves adjusted, carb cleaned and re-jetted, new throttle, new grips, new stock footbrake lever) Gave it to him for Christmas, but turns out the bike is too big for him... so we went yesterday and bought a 2012 TT-R50 for him to play on while he grows in to the 110. Considering selling the DR-Z110 now to buy my daughter a 4 wheeler, and just buy son a KX65 next Christmas if he's grown enough... undecided though... If I sold it I'd probably be asking around $1100.