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  1. Hey TT, I'm restoring my 1997 Xr 600 and have just about got onto the engine. I'm planning to scotchbrite the surface then use a rattle can. I've heard good and bad things about VHT, but don't really know any other high temp brands. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  2. xr60097

    1993 XR600R rebuild

    Really smart rebuild. I've stripped my XR6 1997 and am currently working out how to put it all back together... I'm currently using scotch on all the aluminium before i use satin clear coat. Was interested to know if you did any work to the engine aesthetics, as im thinking of painting mine black?
  3. xr60097

    Discoloured aluminium

    I'm sorting the ally in my bike and am after the matte finish you've achieved here, did you hand scrub the parts with scotch brite or use tools? How do you find maintaining it once it's done, did you use clear coat or wax? Also am i right to think green is medium red is fine and black ultrafine? Cheers
  4. xr60097

    Types of Clear Coat

    I'll definitely bear that in mind, thanks.
  5. xr60097

    Types of Clear Coat

    Is there any difference between the lacquer or is it generally the same finish? I guess if i want a matt finish i should finely sand the lacquer back?
  6. Thanks For the Advice, got on a buffing wheel and it's getting through it. I'm now starting to think about clear coat, will it always have a gloss finish, or can you get satin and matt?
  7. I'm restoring my 1997 Honda XR 600 and am currently polishing up all the aluminium on the bike. I've powder coated the frame gloss and the other parts Matt and think I'd be up for a more Matt/satin finish on the aluminium. Can you get clear coat in different finishes, and are there any that people would recommend in the UK? Thanks
  8. Thanks For the advice, would this also get rid of the Aluminium oxide? I'm currently using the Dremel Aluminium Oxide grinders then switching to polishing tools. Also i'm not sure which polish would be best for the aluminium
  9. I'm slowly rebuilding my 1997 XR and am putting a lot of TLC into it. As the bike is pretty old its looking a bit scruffy and is in definite need of a polish. I've bought a Dremel and ended up using the Aluminium oxide grinding stones on the carb before polishing it with the default polish, which gave me good results but still took about 5 hours. Now i'm on the forks and it's taking an absolute age, and i'm worried the grinding stone is leaving small marks on the fork. I then used wet and dry sandpaper (without wetting it) through the gradients before i started to polish it but it's literally taking forever. I figure i need to get my hands on some bigger parts for my drill to take on the bigger jobs like the swing arm, forks and main engine bulk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Photos Here http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/lwhite89/library/
  10. xr60097

    Xr 600R Rebuild Help - Swing Arm

    Thanks for the replies, managed to get this sorted today, had to remove the lower link and move the linkage under the swing arm then reconnect. Currently working on the rolling chassis, then thinking of getting the air filter and carb in then taking it to the shop to get the wiring done. Any thoughts or advice at this point?
  11. Hey Thumpertalk, Last summer i decided to embark on my first rebuild project, and took apart my Honda Xr 600. Now everything's powder coated and zinc plated i could do with some advice on putting it back together . I've got the engine in and the yolk built, but can't remember how to assemble the swing arm. I've checked my Haynes but can't seem to work it out from the brief instructions. I'm sure it's simple when you know how. Here's a few photos of my failed attempts: http://we.tl/fsNNOJmpLv So any help on that would be really appreciated. I'd also love some more general advice, am i right in thinking this is the right order to do things: Engine in Rolling Chassis Loom Carbs, Air Filter and the rest of it Thanks In advance
  12. So i'm stripping my motorbike for the first time as i want to make a few simple mods, give it a powder coat and get to know the mechanics of it all. I've got the swing arm, engine and forks left to do, and I'm just wondering if it's possible to get some advice on how i should go about stripping the next few components? Also anything i should be aware of or any other tips would be really appreciated. Cheers in advance
  13. xr60097

    Uk Members Unite

    Hey, I'm new to riding and have just bought a 1997 honda xr 600. I'm based in Brighton and am looking for some great off roading. I'm also looking for bike parts and kit but constantly come up with american sites, can anyone send me some links. Cheers
  14. xr60097

    how many miles on your pig?

    I've got 59,000 on my 1997 600, third gear needs some attention but otherwise runs like a dream.
  15. xr60097

    New owner of XR 600 R Mod tips

    Whats a stator? Wow those pipes look pretty good, unfortunately mine are far past that point.