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    anything with an internal combustion engine and the great outdoors its a shame when the two come together
  1. I put my earbuds in for both my off road riding and pounding down the pavement. It is nice on long rides to enjoy the music. With one touch I can shut the music off or even answer a call. Looking forward to a Sena to have more features.
  2. You should take a look at what people jumped in 50's snd 60's. I think he will be fine.
  3. I make key chains out of the excess links when I get a new chain.
  4. I feel if Lewis and Clark were able to go across an uncharted land as large as this country without a tracking device, cell phone, or gps I can do a dual sport ride solo and without all of today's tracking devices. I just ride within my abilities and don't make unnecessary risks.
  5. If you like your balls wear riding pants. Jean's are just to confining for off road riding.
  6. There is no off position for the fuel petcock on s/sm models. To avoid this you could change the petcock to an E model which has an off position.
  7. People have been towing bikes the way this guy is for many years without problems. Not everyone has the same options. As long as he disconnects the chain the only thing turning is the rear wheel.
  8. Have you considered a helmet mounted light. The cool thing with these is you can put the light where you need it.
  9. We have been blessed this winter.
  10. I rode a DRZ E model for many years, then I drank the orange kool aid and I would never consider going back. If you ride 2 stokes the DRZ will be disappointing. I suggest looking into European imports.
  11. I called trail tech and inquired about this and it is supposed to be here by March. If not I will be getting a Montana.
  12. I don't know of a factory street legal 2 stroke in the current market. There is barely any made for off-road anymore. In the street legal world I would suggest looking into European imports like KTM, Beta, and Husqvarna.
  13. Who spends the most time with our children? Teachers that have gone to college and got brainwashed into the liberal agenda, that's who. These teachers are spreading there brainwashed ideas onto our children. Our children are now growing in a world where if you ride a dirt bike you are considered the enemy. Yet they are being taught that laying around smoking pot while watching porn and plugging your buddy in the butt is ok. It is a sad truth. Thank God I spent enough time and energy with my son before he got into school that he had a chance to think for himself and not get sucked into this bullshit.
  14. If you decide on a voyage wait a couple months. Rumor mill says color screen and other big improvements coming really soon.
  15. Sweet Bike, I love my Champions Edition. I cut the inside tube in my stock muffler and it made a difference. Desmog, and jd jet kit seem to be the first to uncork these bikes. You can find instructional ideos on you tube.
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