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  1. Nevermind.... Youtube had the answer.
  2. Removed a MME Brembo clutch lever from my 500 EXC cause I just could not get it adjusted correctly. Anyways... putting the stock clutch lever on and can't tell if the plunger rod is supposed to be "captured" by the rubber boot. I know which way the plunger rod goes but not sure if rubber boot goes over the little shoulder or it just rests in there.
  3. Ok... good to know. With a capacitor is it a one shot deal? It comes with a charge and then is discharged when you need/use it? Can they (capacitors) be charged on the bike somehow?
  4. My '15 500exc has a kickstarter. I am also carrying a small L-ion jump pack. I may not be the one who needs it, but it's there. Be aware that there has to be enough battery juice for FI system to work even if you have a kicker.
  5. Ya... the "Brace On" straps really don't do much on mine as the are loose from day one. Almost like they made them too long. Don't have a picture, but basically took velcro straps and weaved them through the vent slots in the brace and cp front and back after placing the brace in the "pockets" on the cp. Velcro is not super tight so brace can float a bit in the pockets. All I have to do is open one side of the brace, and put on both of them at once.
  6. I just picked up the Pro HD as well as the 5.5 GPX neck brace. It is heavy but offers a lot of protection. I find the bulkiness felt under the arms is not as noticeable on the bike because your elbows are out to the side. Took off the bicep pads, didn't quite feel right. Mates very well with the neck brace. I actually used some velcro to attach the neck brace to the Pro HD so I can put it all on at once.
  7. I have them on my KLR. They seem sturdy enough. I really like them for the quick release of panniers. I guess that wouldn't be a consideration if using soft luggage.
  8. New GT Fatty front tire..... then took her for a ride!
  9. Not sure how it works with a Rekluse, but MME levers are awesome. Really lightens the pull and shortens the reach. Truly a 1 finger lever.
  10. Very tunable w PV springs and dolly screw. I like green spring around here.
  11. What year did KTM start putting map switch wiring on 2-strokes?
  12. I believe it's called an intermediate exhaust flange. I tried to find one for my 2005 250exc. Not much luck. Apparently they are machined and matched to your cylinder from the factory. It is hit or miss whether a new one would mate up perfectly to the cylinder. There is a guy over on KTMTALK (Kendog) that repairs the outlet of the flange, if that is whats cracked or broken.
  13. Isn't that the point...... to slightly soften the power or hit? I like the green spring in tight, rocky, rooty, slimmey ST.
  14. I ride an 05 250exc in Mass. Like you, I came from a 4-stroke (XR). Took a little getting used to. I run green spring, 3 turns in on wet slimmey days... 2 turns in otherwise. 13-52 gearing, MME levers (awesome). It's all about the clutch control.
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