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    Private Tracks

    Post a picture or video of your private track! I need some ideas for ours! Heres our AX Track for this year!
  2. Jeremy817

    NO MUSIC video thread!

    Heres both!
  3. Hey people, I was wondering who has some good youtube channels with dirt bike related videos?!? if you do post a link. Heres mine! http://www.youtube.com/user/jeremymerryman817?feature=mhee
  4. Let me know what you guys think of this edit I threw together. It's mostly shot off of a Iphone5 and our Go-Pro 2 THANKS! Jeremy
  5. Jeremy817

    Cool gopro view

    Let me know what you guys think of this edit I threw together. It's mostly shot off of a Iphone5
  6. Heres my new one! Post your riding or racing videos or pictures!
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  8. Jeremy817

    Youtube Channel

  9. Jeremy817

    KTM 450 Sx rippin a private track

    check this out!
  10. Jeremy817

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    our backyard track!
  11. Testing the Valves on this NEW KTM!
  12. Jeremy817

    cr125 vs crf250r?

    Buy a ktm, they can take a beating!
  13. In this please post a pic or video and share details on what you have done with your pitbike. ill start with a video...
  14. Hey guy post some pictures or videos of your mini bike or pit bikes here. i wanna see them! Heres a video of my new KLX MOD thanks!
  15. Jeremy817

    Pics of your kids

    dont kill yourself or your kid on a 3 wheeler!!!
  16. Jeremy817

    Buy a Mini Bike

    Hey guys, who here has a mini? if so keep them! Dont let it die. If your interested in a minibike or pitbike buy one. there a TON of fun for ALL ages. heres a video of my mini... ENJOY
  17. Jeremy817

    KLX 110 marbles when kicked over, won't run

    mine did the same thing, but would still run
  18. Jeremy817

    looking to buy pit bike

    buy one of these
  19. This is my 2008 kawasaki klx 110. lets see yours!!
  20. Jeremy817

    Full Mod KLX 110 Pictures and Videos

    new bike