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  1. Bacon225

    Air Box Mod, and Idle hesitation

    Steve could you please Comcast me I Sent you a PM Thanks Tim
  2. Bacon225

    Replacement fork help needed

    How do you remove the aluminium part from the tube??? I can't see how they come apart. Sorry fro being so lame but I just can't see how they come apart and I am afrad to get stupid trying. Thanks
  3. Bacon225

    Replacement fork help needed

    I thought about that but actually did not know if it was possible. I can't see how to take it off. If you could could you walk me through it.
  4. Bacon225

    Replacement fork help needed

    Thank you so much that is all the info I needed. Thanks Again Tim
  5. Bacon225

    Replacement fork help needed

    Hey guy's I need help I bought a fork from ebay at a steal of a price to replace my bad forks. The one I bought was listed to fit 08 but you can see by the pictures that the caliper mount spacing it different. I need to find a caliper now that will mount to my new forks. And idea what fork I have and what caliper I need to look for to mount up. The one with the small spacing is the old one the wider one is the new one. Thanks.
  6. Bacon225

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    I like the paint job, nice work. Welcome to the asylum
  7. Bacon225

    Ohh Crap,,, Left the gas on again....

    Nice shot
  8. Bacon225

    Update: Oil Temperature gauges...with pictures.

    Sorry I thin I got all of you confused by my post. All I was saying it caught me off guard the way Max said it. I would have just said they don't normally run hot or something like that. With Max phrasing it as "thermally vary healthy" just show my limited vocabulary. I will crawl back under my rock now and shut up.
  9. Bacon225

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    mx rob I might be mistaken but I thought I read a post of yours in the last few weeks that you said you rode a DR that had a Mikuni TM 39 I think that was it but not sure. But anyway you said it was one of the best carburetors DR's you ever rode. If I am recalling it right why the FCR instead of the TM.
  10. Bacon225

    Update: Oil Temperature gauges...with pictures.

    Max Kool I am not knocking you at all I read almost every post of yours with great respect. But " thermally very healthy " don't tell me we now have to be politically correct even while talking about bikes.
  11. Bacon225

    Dropped My Bike

    Check to see that the petcock did not get turned to the prime position. If thats not it I think the float is hung up.
  12. Bacon225

    please help I must be a caveman

    ttsquirel Its not brain surgery it only setting the valves. With all the information here and all the willingness of fellow inmates it will not be all that hard to do. Just make sure you have the right tools before you get started and you can down load a service manual if you have not done that yet. Then take your time don't rush it and after you think you have it right roll the motor a few time and recheck just to put your mind at easy. Use this as a stepping stone to do more and more of your one work. Knowing you did it and did it right makes you feel so much better than hopping some underpaid over worked so called tech may have done it right.
  13. Bacon225

    please help I must be a caveman

    You will be measuring between the adjuster screw and the valve stem. # 8 - 16 and 11 - 17 if you cant get the feeler gages in make sure you are on top dead center.
  14. Bacon225

    From low to high

    That would be the level of the oil in the fork tube. Meaning that he filled it stopping 5" from the top.
  15. Bacon225

    Ohh Crap,,, Left the gas on again....

    OK you have got down pat the MSF tight circles drill. Now its time for the figure 8s.