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    NEW DRZ400SM

    My 2006 does the same thing. Common DRZ problem as I have found out. I turned the idle down a bit, and that seemed to work for me. It could be your cables, but on a brand new bike I would think not. If you still warranty take it back lol.
  2. I wouldn't change anything to be honest, except maybe a 39mm carb.
  3. No I do not have the extended fuel screw, nor do I need choke when cold. I took a test ride this morning, it was about 60 F out, started right up. Still runs good and idles normal, but I have to admit, it felt better with the screw richer.
  4. I will let you know tomorrow. Haven't started it cold yet. But definitely mess with the mixture screw first before pulling the carb apart. If you mixture screw hole has been drilled out, then the carb has definitely been messed with. If its not drilled out, you will need loosen the clamps on the carb and angle the carb outwards more, the drill the hole out.
  5. +1 to mickydee Went and turned the mixture screw out (richer) and the high idle was worse. So then I turned it in all the way, then back out only 2 turns (it idled high at 2 1/2 turns out). The high idle is gone. Idles normal now. Unfortunately this did have a drawback. It backfires a little more on the decel due to it being leaner This may require a higher than 25 pilot. We'll see.
  6. I think you were supposed to use the red clip according the instructions (above 4000ft). Look at the instructions again.
  7. My DRZ has had a high idle when hot for a little while now. It only idles high when I am coming to a stop and pull the clutch in. If I let the clutch out quickly then bring it back in right before I stop, it will stop idling high and return to normal idle, sort of like I'm loading the engine when I do that. It also did it before I put my JD Jet Kit on, but now it seems to be getting worse with kit on. I installed the 160 main and 25 pilot using the blue colored pin on the 3rd position. The bike runs flawlessly except for this and moderate popping on the decel. Starts up fine, idles fine when cold, don't have any problems there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. 1.) Do you own a DRZ 400? Yes 2.) Gender (male)/(female)? Male 3.) Age? 18 4.) What year is your DRZ? 2006 5.) Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Stock),(lightly modified), (heavily modified)? "heavily modified would entail internal engine work where the other two would not" Lightly modified 6.) How many miles are on your DRZ? 4500 7.) Do you perform Regular maintanence on your DRZ? Yes 8.) During the time you have owned it, Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Reliable and worry Free), (Somewhat troublesome), (Extremely Troublesome)? Reliable and worry free
  9. if you leave a dirtbike out in a apartment complex, its going to get stolen. No ignition, the light weight, no way to lock it up makes it easily steal-able. I would suggest buying a dual sport. Has ignition, lockable forks, can have alarm system installed, and you wouldn't have deal with the car to take you riding.
  10. +1 Jets R Us is expensive, but they definitely will have one that works.
  11. I understand everything about the MCCT except the actual adjusting part. Is the loud chinging noise distinctive when you back the adjuster off? Then you turn it back in until it goes away?
  12. Yeah my peace of mind is not at rest haha. I noticed in your signature that you have the MCCT, is that a worthy add on I should put on?
  13. So I just bought this new - to - me 2006 DRZ 400 SM used with only 2700 miles on it. When I bought it, I could tell ran a little lean but not to the point where it is unrideable, in other words, it still runs pretty good. It rode it around a couple days ago all day with no issues. Filled it with premium that day. Next day all was good until I went to get gas again. I put 87 in (which it should take no problem) and rode around for while. After about 10 miles I came to a stop and put the bike in neutral and gave it some revs. One of the times I revved it a loud "ping" noise came from the engine. Kept riding for a while and stopped again pulled clutch in and revved it again, it pinged again, and not to mention all the other times I revved it while stopped, it made a knocking noise about every 1 of out 10 times. When I am moving and shifting and riding, I don't really notice it at all though. Worried me drained all the 87 and put premium in. It hasn't pinged anymore but still makes the knock sound every 1 out of 10 times I rev it. To be honest, it's not incredibly bad, but is still noticeable and quite annoying when revving when stopped. My question is should I be worried about this? The bike is basically brand new, all stock. Can being a little lean cause a knock like that?
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