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  1. TimCC

    How bad are WARP 9 rims?

    Still very happy with my Warp9 rims after the first 2000 miles.
  2. here's a link to a thread that I found helpful in doing the work myself http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1124054-drz400sm-fork-and-shock-spring-change-information/
  3. I think the damping is ok. I still have it set to stock settings. Again, I'm no racer and may not be very sensitive to the subtleties of suspension setup. I've ridden it that way with supermoto and dirt wheels.
  4. Changing to the right rate springs helps a lot. I'm 250lbs and got the heaviest rate set for front and back from Cannon Racecraft. I'm still running stock valving and experimenting with the clicker settings. I don't race or ride super aggressive, so it's working just fine for me. It solved the crazy fork dive and rear end wallowing in the corners.
  5. TimCC

    Bike stalls out when I stand on foot pegs

    I'm having the same issue and for me it is definitely the clown shoes hitting the spring hanger on the side stand. Will be disabling the switch today.
  6. TimCC

    Little Grand Canyon

    Nice photos, looks like an awesome place to explore.
  7. TimCC

    Dual sport rides in WI

    Where in WI are you? If you're in the Madison area join us at an ADV meet n greet http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=700315 I think the next big dual sport is the Ride for Research up in Wabeno http://widualsportriders.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=411067&item_id=409625 Or if you're up for some dirt road, this is where I'm going to be that weekend. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1037880 Congrats on the new bike. The WR is a great bike.
  8. Dropped mine in the first mile after getting it off the truck. In my defense, it was 23 degrees and a little icy. I was just too excited about getting it to let it sit in the garage until spring.
  9. TimCC

    Mixing tire brands

    I imagine there is some liability issue that keeps the shops from giving any other answer. Take it easy when trying out a new combination until you know it's going to behave. I've tried some odd combos and had no issues, even when running a kenda big block front with a tourance rear on a vstrom.
  10. TimCC

    Dual sport rides in WI

    I think that on most of the Wisconsin dual sport rides you would be lost in the crowd and could get away with it. Behave yourself when on the public streets and stay in the middle of the pack.
  11. TimCC

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Ordered a set of Warp9 18/21 wheels so my SM can play in the dirt on weekends.
  12. Took my DRZ for a walk this evening. Luckily not as far as you did. Left the petcock on reserve last time I filled it. How I managed to reset the trip meter but not flip the petcock I still can't figure out. Then I didn't think anything was wrong with going 115 miles before reserve.
  13. TimCC

    SM to Dirt spec conversion

    I've been looking to do the same thing. I want to be able to do a straight wheel swap and not have to swap the rotor between wheels every time. The stock 310mm rotor on the SM is expensive and makes using a used S model front wheel almost the same cost as a brand new Warp9 wheel that has the right rotor on it. Full wheelset from Warp9 is about $800.
  14. $259.94 for seat pan, foam and cover. I got the tall seat with firmer foam. High density foam for a high density man. If you need firmer or softer foam just enter it in the note section during checkout. They don't charge any different for the change.
  15. Just ordered mine, if you use DRRIDERS.COM all caps. It's good for $15 off shipping. Thanks to those DR650 guys.