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  1. Ernie_Taylor

    Water Pump, 450EXC, 2005

    You would think you could find it there, put I have tried a few times. IF you know the parts numbers of all the parts that would help Ernie
  2. Can anyone send me a detal parts pic of the water pump off a 450EXC, 2005 My new bike is weeping coolent out the hole. I told the dealer about it and he is to order the parts before I bring my bike in for the fix, that was two weeks ago, still no parts. What I would like to do is see if I can come up with the parts ( all the right parts before they can. Just to speed things up. As you know Canada moves a little slow some times. send any info to dirtbike450@rogers.com Thanks for your Help Everyone Ernie
  3. Ernie_Taylor

    Recommendations for DSing an EXC

    Good Q; I just picked up a 450 EXC, 2005 myself and was thinking the same thing. It's going to be fun see that all the talk is about the KTM, coming off a WR450 we will also see if it's worth the extra money. I look forward to following your post Regards Ernie
  4. Ernie_Taylor

    Stater Torque Limiter

    I'm all set up to buy a 450 EXC , 2005. I see that they have a starter problems, How many people are haveing this problem and is there a fix ?? Other question 450 or 525 EXC I ride a WR450 and just love it. My type of rideing is a good mix of everything and I have a WR250 in my back pocket for the tight woods stuff. Thanks For Your Feed Back Ernie
  5. Ernie_Taylor

    Best Dirtbike Movie

    What about any home made movie's Any out there worth making a copy and sending it this way ?? Ernie
  6. Ernie_Taylor

    Best Dirtbike Movie

    What about; Time Rider http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1800127924/info Has anyone seen that one ??? Ernie
  7. Ernie_Taylor

    Best Dirtbike Movie

    What is the best dirtbike / motorcross / motorcycle movie you can rent / buy ??
  8. Ernie_Taylor

    Carb problems , Need Help ASAP

    Good Thinking again, the slide is is right. THe jet that I was running was a 158, but the new kit calles for a 138, I 'm going to try a 158 just to see. Ernie
  9. Ernie_Taylor

    Carb problems , Need Help ASAP

    Just jetted down and it's still the same. Going to try butting the stock neddle back in. This is only big change that came with the kit. Bike was OK before
  10. Ernie_Taylor

    Carb problems , Need Help ASAP

    Good thinking ,but I made sure it wasn't that. O ring and washer in place I'm going to jet down to see if that works
  11. Ernie_Taylor

    Carb problems , Need Help ASAP

    I have a big ride this weekend and levee friaday afternoon. I just but a dynojet ket in my WR450 , 2003. along with a zyi tie fuel/air screew and the bike runes like crap. IThas a big miss in , like it's not getting gas or something. I tryed a new spark plug on top of the allready new plug and still the same, also I cleaned my carb, thinking this could help but with no luck. No back fire's just large miss's or chops. Thanks For Your help Ernie
  12. Ernie_Taylor

    Odometer seal, WR450, 03

    Not sure if I realy need one or not, I just like to replace things like that every now and then. I do get alot of dirt in there so I just thought it would be smart to replace the seal. I will have to take my front wheel off again and take the seal in to match up with an after market one. Regards Ernie
  13. Ernie_Taylor

    Odometer seal, WR450, 03

    Anyone know a aftermarket part number for the odomater hub seal on a WR450, 2003, should be the same as the 2004. When I took mine off the only ID on the seal was S000. I tryed to order a new one from the dealer and was told that I would need to order the hole odometer hub. I don't think so, I hope. Regards Ernie
  14. Ernie_Taylor

    E-Line Dual Sport Kit, WR450,03

    I have been trying to get a kit for my bike for the last five weeks if not longer. I ordered it throw E-line and they keep putting me off. Dose anyone know of some shop that has one in stock ready to ship. If so can you pass the info this way. Thanks for all your help. Whats up with E-Line ??? Ernie
  15. Ernie_Taylor

    Graphics on WR450, 03

    I want to put a new set of graphics on my WR450, 2003. The question is is the tank and shrouds the same as a YZ450, 03 and 04 Thanks for your help Ernie