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  1. 250X4RJ

    From dust to dust......

    Hey I remember that day! RJ
  2. 250X4RJ

    Ask junior!

    OK Scott, lets here the story.
  3. 250X4RJ

    Sawmill Fail

    \ Yes it is my all time favorite movie!!!!
  4. 250X4RJ

    Sawmill Fail

    Scott, I said that I respected him for doing it his way, never said anything about being Friendly, we are never going to be taking warm showers to the wee hours of the morning!! Now tell me what movie that last line was from!! RJ
  5. 250X4RJ

    Sawmill Fail

    No problem here, it is all in good fun! BB is a true character and deserves his props. He and others will never believe this but I have always had nothing but respect for The Skipper, he always did it his way and I respect that. RJ
  6. 250X4RJ

    Sawmill Fail

    Careful now Scott, don’t get him all riled up he might just go out and get another Bike and hurt himself. :naughty: na not going to happen!!! Here it comes I am about to get Flamed :cry: RJ
  7. 250X4RJ

    What Happened To Slyco's Pinned Tread?

    Classic Big Bob, how Ya doing there Skip? Good to see somethings never change!!! :ride: :ride: Yes I made sure to use plenty on emoticons!!!! :cool: RJ
  8. 250X4RJ

    What Happened To Slyco's Pinned Tread?

    Don't you mean "If I could just stop me 'you' from falling off mid-ride"? :lol: RJ
  9. Where are the Pictures????? :ride: Bring Back The Pictures!!!!!!! :cool: RJ
  10. 250X4RJ

    Riding this weekend in Northern/Central California

    Dang Scott you were so prim and proper back then, what happened?
  11. 250X4RJ

    Let's piss off the moderators again!

    Sorry only good Red Wine is for those that are this side of 40:naughty: So I guess that the truth finally comes out, Ginger made you sell your Bike:lol: Made you move to SoCal to get you away from your Rock Star life as a self descibed TT God:lol: and now you have to hide the fact that you sneak back in here from time to time to bolster your ego:busted::bonk: BB still one of a kind, not sure what kind though. OK how many of us want to send a copy of this to Ginger??
  12. 250X4RJ

    Let's piss off the moderators again!

    Now Retired at the Beach? I thought that you said that you had a job? OK now the truth comes out BB is on the Dole and cannot find time to work. To busy Surfing on something other then TT. TT enters a new era without BB, wait who was BB, Sh1t nobody remembers. TT moves on and it is Mud Slinging Time.
  13. I was Stationed at El Toro and went to Redondo Beach once, the sun was perfect until we got there then it was a complete mist type fog, bummer! Is that the norm?
  14. 250X4RJ

    Sacramento Area Trails?

    Bob really stay away from TT, never going to happen. Welcome back Skipper! Now go buy a Bike already.