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  1. The boot is still available as I bought one a in the last 2 years. I can't remember where I got it from though but it was quite pricey. It is more than likely your problem.
  2. A 96 intake boot only has 4 bolts so that wouldn't work anyway. It think a 97-98 air box is what you may need.
  3. There's a thread on vital of a guy that had his trailer with 2 bikes stolen in Cali Oakley in contra costa county don't know if that's near you? Chp found the trailer no bikes and he posted an ad on Craigslist and got a call from someone saying they know where the bikes are but they're already out of state or something along those lines.
  4. Had the same problem with my 96 think I put a spacer on the cable holder on the motor. Was a suggestion by a member on here , hope that makes sense
  5. kub

    YZ 360

    i have a 96 yz250 don't think it fits. Those things are pretty hard to come by , it was worth a shot anyway haha
  6. kub

    YZ 360

    Your dad owned noleen? He got any pipes lying around haha
  7. 96 yz250 had a rich bog about 1/2 throttle and had the smoke go with it. The clip was on the second from top and I moved it to the top now the bike runs the best it has since I rebuilt it. The main is a 170. I feel like needle shouldn't be so lean, would a smaller main help? Or could it just be a worn needle after 18 years? Seems to be spot on up top. Thanks in advance
  8. I ride a 96 yz250, it's still super cold here in jersey and I have some time on my hands and was thinking about tearing into my forks. Now I'm a big guy 6'3 265 and want to get what I can out of my suspension. The racetech spring calc says I need like a .52 fork spring but a .49 is the stiffest I could find off the shelf (which I have installed on the bike now). Can I work with these or am I just wasting my time without the stiffer springs? Also what mods can be done to these forks that would help my situation? Also I'm still a very novice rider but feel like the lack of proper suspension set up isn't helping my confidence. Any input is appreciated.
  9. As far as I know only for 96-01 reason being that 96-97 had like an almost navy blue tank and could get it to update the plastics to the yz blue. It could be worth a call to find out though
  10. Decal works only sells them for the 96-01 in blue, they have them still just not on their website
  11. Broken clavicle in 3 spots. Is this the point where geico honda gives him the boot? Even when not wadding himself up, his results haven't been all that stellar. I say it's time to give that ride to someone who will put it to good use.
  12. This kid is local to me, although I don't know him I have friends who do. Wish him all the best in the face of this horrible accident.
  13. The c rider that got hurt is local to me. He broke t10-t13 vertebrae and severed his spinal cord as well as other injuries and is now paralyzed from the waist down ,sucks big time.
  14. I didn't get a price as the guy was very busy. The name of the company was markbilt race bikes.
  15. At a local race today I talked to a rep from a company that is fairly close to where I live about doing some suspension work. Now I've never heard of this shop before but after taking a business card and doing a little google search I found out they're a very reputable shop for sport/super bikes and do everything from maintence to full race bike builds, and really know their suspension stuff as well They must have just started their mx division but the rep told me they have an area behind their shop where I could test the work before it leaves the shop and they will make changes on the spot until I'm happy Now my question is are sport bike suspensions even in the same ballpark as off-road in terms of how they work,internal workings,knowledge of how to make them do what you need etc. Them being local and willing to work with you are big selling points but there's just no feedback I can find on their off-road work. Would you give them a shot?
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